Saturday, 28 May 2016

I Am Changing

I'd be lying if I said I had any idea where this post is going. I feel like I need to address new things in my life. I feel like I've really just got to be real and honest with you all. Maybe sharing my own thoughts and feeling etc. might help someone else.
I've done a lot of thinking over the last year! Not overthinking just reflecting really; about me and about my life really. I've always struggled to just be someone I'm happy with. I finally realised lately I need to just leave my past behind me. I've carried it around on my shoulders for so long. Not doing things because of the person I used to be. Well guess what I'm not that person anymore.
At some point I just felt like I needed to sit myself down and be like girl what are you even doing. I wasn't happy with any of the decisions I was making. Make decisions that make you happy and not other people. Sorry to burst your bubble if you're in one but you can't please everyone. If you're trying to then you need to stop. Do things that make you happy!
I'm finally at a point in my life where I'm happy. I'm doing things for me now without a second thought of what other people will think. I decided in the end after a long hard decision that I wasn't going return to study at university. I may at one point in the future... I mean I've got time I'm not even 20 yet! It's not right for me. I don't want to force myself to study something that I'm not completely in love with.
My appearance is also something I've made a lot of changes to recently. As much as being happy it's also important that you're healthy. I make sure I exercise most days and I've cut all unhealthy food out! I'm not saying I don't eat any because obviously I can't live without chocolate but its all about eating it in moderation. Which is something that I definitely didn't used to do! I've managed to drop around 2/3st in the last year. Purely to be more healthy and to make me more happy. Don't feel like you need to lose weight though. I think if you're happy with what shape or size you are then why should it matter? I'm happily a size 14 and I don't have any desire to be a size 6/8. I love me and I love my body just the way it is.
Blogging has been a huge part to me becoming happy. I might have only been doing this for months but it's something I've longed to do. I used to think I wasn't popular or pretty enough. Stupid thoughts that would stop from doing something I genuinely love. I've had so many people turn and say to me "well it's just for the money isn't it?". No not at all! I do this because everything I write about I'm passionate about. I love what I do! It's so nice to feel like I'm part of such an amazing community. That I know will there to support me if I ever need it and I hope they know I will support them to through anything! 
I'm currently exploring all the things that I've hid away my whole life that I love. My love for preforming has always been something that I've tried to hide. This is something that I really want to explore this year. I'm maybe going to try out for the National Youth Theatre when they are auditioning again. I'm also trying to take lots of classes in London. Dance, singing and acting... I mean I gave always wanted to be an actress.
I'm basically just going with life. I'm happier than I've ever been and I don't intend on changing for anyone but me. I know people have been commented on how I've changed some negative and some positive. Honestly this is just a step further in me becoming me and I'm loving it.
I hope you enjoyed this more personal post. I guess I just needed to get these things out in the open really.
Let me know if you have any thoughts on anything I've written about or let me know if you've made any changes to your life that have made you happy!

Thank you for reading,


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Festival Tips

The festival season is finally here! My favourite time of the year. I'm absolutely in love with everything to do with festivals. Apart from maybe the toilets you have to use haha. This year I thought I'd create a post of tips for first time festival goers or just people that love festivals as much as I do. I've made plenty of mistakes at festivals! Therefore sharing my advice and tips might stop you from making the same mistakes. So without further or do, here are my festival tips:

1) Don't take items you know aren't permitted! Save yourself the embarrassment from the start and don't pack things you know you aren't allowed on the site. All festivals vary on what they allow and don't allow you take. So always double check before you go; there is usually information on their websites. There's nothing more embarrassing than being stopped on the way in. Security will check your bags and will pull you over in front of the whole queue if you've got something you're not allowed. This will then hold the whole queue up causing all the people behind you to give you evil glares. It's just not worth it at all!

2) Don't wear a playsuit or a jumpsuit, I know you're probably thinking what?!?! Lots of fashion brands sell playsuits and jumpsuits in their festival collections. That would be correct but it's really not a good idea to wear one. There is nothing worse than queuing half an hour to go to the toilet in a horrible portaloo; to then have to struggle pulling your playsuit or jumpsuit off. You really don't want to be stood in a portaloo naked with your playsuit or jumpsuit more than likely dangling in something you don't even want to think about. My advice would be wear something that can easily be taken off when you go to the loo.

3) Get organised! Don't think you can leave packing until the day before or the morning you go. It's not a good idea, more than likely you'll get there and realise that you've forgotten all of the important things. Or you'll try and go shopping the day before and realise that everything you need is sold out. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't guilty of this. Start packing a week to a few days before. This gives chance to get everything organised and make sure that you have everything that you need.

4) Food and drink, I know it can be a pain carrying food and drink around in your bag. Usually you haven't got enough room... I know! But if you don't want to spend most of your money and spend the whole festival queuing for it then I'd advise you to take your own. A small bottle of water and small snacks. Just don't take food that will melt or go off quickly. For example don't take chocolate as tempting as it might be to take it. It's more than likely going to melt and leave a sticky mess in your bag. I usually take granola bars!

5) Don't overheat for fashion, now if you're in the UK its unlikely you'll ever overheat. In the occasion that it is hot though don't wear something you know you're going to get to hot in. I know there's sometimes an overwhelming desire to look good over practicality... but it's really not worth it! You don't want to be collapsing of heat exhaustion. Or the other way round if it's cold make sure you've got something to wrap up warm in. Again you don't want to end up with hypothermia!

6) The dreaded phone battery, there's nothing worse than the low battery warning on your phone. I know you feel like your heart is literally dropping. Ways to conserve your battery are put your phone to airplane mode when you're not using it. Also turn your screen brightness down but not so much that you can't see obviously! If you just can't resist snap chatting the whole festival then I'd advise getting a portable charger. I think the charging cases are usually better if you have an IPhone. Purely because you don't need the charger wire which can get in the way.

7) You're not cool for not using sun cream. I know so many people that say "Oh I just don't bother with sun cream" or "I look silly putting sun cream on". Well it's not silly at all it's actually pretty smart. Always put sun cream on if it's sunny! There is so many misconceptions that you don't tan if you put it on... You do and it's a much safer way of doing it. You don't want to get so badly burnt on the first day that you spend the second day barely being able to move looking like a lobster. That's definitely not a good look!

8) Cameras! Although you want good photos to show to everyone don't waste valuable space in your bag. Don't go lugging around your big DSLR camera... worst mistake ever. It'll just get in your way and annoy you the whole time. If you have a small digital camera fair enough. I wouldn't advise taking an expensive camera though. You don't want to be distraught if you get home and it's lost with all those memories on it. Take a disposable camera with you. They're not very expensive and don't take up much room at all. The photos I've used are from my disposable camera last year. I know you're probably thinking they're not that good quality. That's true but you only have one chance to take them. You've took a photo in that moment where you were having so much fun. I think it just makes them even more special personally.

9) Don't argue over music! It's more than likely you are going with your closest friends. All which probably have different music tastes. I know it can be difficult. I advise all sitting down together before anything starts and schedule who you are going to see at what time in the day. If you don't you'll more than likely spend so much time arguing you'll miss both the acts you were arguing over anyway.

10) Pushing on the crowds is a huge NO. They may be your favourite artist and you may love them but really it's no excuse to push. You can hear from wherever you are in the crowd. There is more than likely big screens as well to see them on the stage. Honestly people will hate you if you push them! It's just super annoying especially if you've been in that spot for ages and someone who's been there for two minutes pushes in front of you. Just don't do it!

So these are my festival tips for this year! I hope these help you in some way if you're attending one this year. These are just all the things I've learnt.

Let me know if you're attending any festivals and which ones you're going to. If you have any more tips then feel free to leave them in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this post,
Thank you for reading,


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My Travel Bucket List

Lately I've had such a desire to travel and explore new countries. I live in the UK and I've only ever been abroad twice. Both on school trips to Germany and New York. There's so many places I've seen people visit recently that I'd love to experience myself. I've taken a gap year this year and worked part-time. I'm unsure on my plans next year. I'm still deciding if I want to go to university or not. I think my desire to travel is overtaking everything. I thought I'd make a travel bucket list of all the places I want to visit in the next few years.

1) Cannes, I've seen a lot of people's instagram photos recently of when they have visited Cannes. It looks so gorgeous there! I've never spent anytime in France despite it being the closest country to get too. It's definitely on my list to visit very soon.  

2) Los Angeles, I have always wanted to visit LA. I remember when I was younger I used to say that it would be where I would live when I was older. Unfortunately older me likes the comfort of being in the UK too much! I've seen so many amazing photos of the sunsets on LA beaches. I'd do anything to spend time with friends on the beach watching the sunset. It just all sounds perfect to me! I'd also like a trip to Universal Studios as well.

3) Croatia, there are two reasons that I want to visit Croatia. One is the waterfalls. I've seen so many amazing pictures and honestly I could sit and relax by a beautiful waterfall any day. The second reason is that I want to go to the Blue Cave. I think I caught it on a travel programme once and I instantly fell in love. If you don't know what it is definitely go and google it! 

4) Amsterdam, one of my friends visited Amsterdam not that long back. She posted all of her photos on Facebook. I commented to ask if she'd had a good time even though I was hiding my jealousy haha. No I really was glad she had a good time. She took some beautiful pictures while she was there and made me want to visit too.

5) Santorini, where do I even start. I'M IN LOVE WITH SANTORINI! I've seen so many bloggers/youtubers go there. My desire to go there every time I see a photo grows so much. This is definitely somewhere that I'm planning to go next year. I'd be lying if I said I haven't spent weeks swooning over so many villas deciding on which one I want to book. I'm still no closer to deciding! Everything about Santorini is just gorgeous. I'll definitely have my camera permanently strapped to my hand when I go!

So this is my travel bucket list. Hopefully I'll manage to visit all these places very soon. I'll have to pull a lot of extra hours to get the money to go. I know it will be completely worth it in the end though.

Please comment and let me know if you've visited any of these places and your experiences. Or if you know other any places you think are worth visiting!

I hope you enjoyed,
Thank you for reading,


Sunday, 15 May 2016

May's Music Love: Betty Who

If you know me then you'll know I'm in love with all types of music. I can't get through the day without listening to music. So I've decided probably every month I'm going to feature my favourite artists that I'm loving at the moment.

Todays feature is going to be on Betty Who. I absolutely adore her and her music. I discovered her in 2014 through Tyler Oakley. He featured 'Heartbreak Dream' by Betty Who in his video 'Tyler Oakley Takes Italy'. (I'll leave the link at the end.) I absolutely fell in love with the song and had it on repeat for what must have been months.

I was then so excited when the album came out later in that year. 'Take Me When You Go' is one of my go-to albums. It never fails to make me happy and put a smile on my face. I could listen to it over and over again and it will never get old.

I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Betty Who songs that you should definitely go and check out:

- Heartbreak Dream, I've already mentioned that I've fallen in love with this song. It is such a summer song to me it makes me feel so happy! Every time it comes on all I want to do is get up and dance. It brings back so many amazing memories for me. It's one of my all time favourite songs and if you've not heard it you need to go listen!

- Runaways, this is my go-to travel song. I love to listen to this when I'm travelling on my own. I find it so hard not to belt out the chorus on public transport though haha. This is a song that will get stuck in your head so easily but it won't annoy you at all. You'll be singing it for days trust me!

- Just Like Me, although if you listen to lyrics this song could be considered quite sad. I mean it's about being heartbroken. There's been countless times I've been moping around; no doubt with a tub of ice cream and I've put this song on. I will literally put it on repeat and sing and it makes me feel 10000x better.

- Somebody Loves You, this song is my party song. If I'm ever going out this is the song I get ready to! It puts me in such a good mood and all I want to do is jump around. It's on all of my party playlists. So if you're planning a party anytime soon make sure you get this song on your playlist. It will have everyone dancing, trust me!

I could go on and talk every single song off the album. This post would probably get way too long however. The songs I've listed are my absolute favourites if I was forced to choose. Honestly I'm in love with every single song on 'Take Me When You Go'.

Hopefully I will be able to see Betty Who live one day and we'll get to hang out! Hopefully she'll be making it over to the UK sometime soon. All I can say is I can't wait for more music.

I'll leave all her links down here for you to check out:
Instagram (all photos used were from instagram)

Thank you for reading,
Let me know if you want me to do more 'Music Love' posts,
Hope you enjoyed this post,



Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Wednesday Wish List: New Look

So I've been absolutely loving New Look lately! I've done many orders online in the last month or so. I realised the other day that I again I had acquired quite a lot in my basket online again. I thought I'd share what I'm loving right now. (Trust me it was hard to shorten the list down haha)

1. White Pinstripe Single Pocket Tie Front Shirt £19.99
2. White Chunky Heeled Sandals £24.99
3. Gold Half Rim Sunglasses £7.99
4. White Floral Print Slip Dress £22.99
5. Grey Stripe Hem Crop Top £8.99
6. Yellow Zip Side Bowler Bag £19.99
7. Pale Blue Snakeskin Textured Pom Pom Trim Duffle Bag £19.99
8. White Lace Up Flatform Plimsolls £12.99
9. White Lace Trim Bralet Cami £8.99
10. Pale Blue Stripe Fray Hem Denim Skirt £19.99
11. Shell Pink Sateen Bomber Jacket £29.99

This is what I've been loving in New Look lately. Perfect items for my spring/summer wardrobe. I find New Look is totally affordable and has good prices for the quality of clothing. Definitely one of my favourite shops at the moment!

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what items are on your wish list this month!

Thank you for reading,

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Strawberry & White Chocolate Cookies

- 8oz/230g Plain Flour
- 2oz/50g Butter
- 5oz/140g Sugar
- 1 Egg
- 4oz/110g Cream Cheese
- 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
- 1/4 tsp Salt
- 1tsp Vanilla Extract
- 8 Strawberries
- 60g White Chocolate

The Method:
- Pre-heat the oven to 180°C/gas mark 4/160°C fan oven.
- Find a flat tine and grease this beforehand.
- Mix together flour, salt and baking powder together in a bowl.
- In a separate bowl mix the butter, sugar and cream cheese together until a light consistency.
- Then add an egg and vanilla extract to the mixture.
- Gradually add the flour, baking powder and salt to the wet mixture.
- Then add small white chocolate chunks to the mixture and stir.
- Cut the strawberries into small pieces and coat with plain flour; then add these to the mixture.
- Then use a table spoon to heap the mixture onto the baking tray. (TIP: These don't spread out very much so don't put too much mixture down.)
- Put baking tray with mixture on in the fridge before 10/-15 minutes before putting into the oven.
- Bake the cookies for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.
- When out of the oven remove from baking tray and put them on a cooling wrack.

This was the first time ever I tried this recipe. I had to change all the measurements and ingredients slightly. For a moment at the start of the recipe I thought it was going very wrong. I promise it works though and they taste really good!

Please let me know if you try out this recipe. If you do tag me in a picture on instagram or tweet me a picture. I'd love to see them!
Thank you for reading,

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

I'm Not Sure What Love Is

I really wasn't sure about posting this post. I guess it was just quite a personal thing to me really. More and more I see people's varying views on love and their own relationships. I suppose their idea of love comes from their experiences. It comes from mine too.

I'm just not sure I know what love is yet. So I thought I'd share my experiences and ideas of what love is to me.

Love is not seeing that person for so long that you feel like you can't breathe properly. It's that feeling when you see them after a long time and all you want to do if hug them and never let go.

Love is about sharing every single emotion you feel with that person. Whether it be crying over their shoulder or laughing for so long you can't even remember what it was about.

Love is about loving and appreciating that person no matter what. It doesn't matter if they're wearing a one million pound suit/dress or just old pyjamas with holes.

Love is loving them for who they are not matter what. It's like they are the only person that you feel so comfortable around. The one person that knows you inside and out.

Love is about patience no matter how annoying the other person gets. It's sticking by their side through everything. Even if it means late night/early morning phone calls.

Love is about them being your first and last thought of the day.

Love is about dancing in your underwear around the kitchen. In that moment you honestly don't care about anything else but each other.

Love is about supporting them through everything because you know no matter what it will always be worth it in the end.

Love is about promises; never forgetting them because they mean so much to you.

Love is about the trust you have for the other person. It's about being able to tell them absolutely anything knowing it'll be kept safe forever.

Love is about the secret language that you have that no one else knows about. Being able to communicate just with your body movements. Being able to tell what they're thinking and feeling just through eye contact.

Love is about a whole lot of adventure. Random road trips in the middle of the night with no clue where you'll end up. It's the feeling of freedom and not wanting to be anywhere else but with that person.

Love is about those secret glances across the room. When you catch the others eyes and you can just enjoy the special moment without anyone else knowing.

Love surprisingly is also about the arguments you share. Arguments that only happen because you care and always want the best for the other person.

Love is about the laughs and the jokes that you have with each other. There's nothing better than seeing the other person so happy in the moment.

So this is some of my ideas of what love is to me. I have no idea if I know what it is yet. I'd love to know your ideas on what you believe that love is to you. It would be really interesting to get other people's perspective of love.

I hope you enjoyed reading this more personal post,
Thank you,


Sunday, 1 May 2016

A Look Into My Sketchbook

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to study a Fine Art degree starting September this year. I thought I'd share some of my work from 2015 with you all. My sketchbooks are quite personal to me. They've never really been shared anywhere as there's never been a need for them to be. However I always find inspiration from looking through over people's therefore decided to share mine. This is quite a photo heavy post but it's just here for everyone to have a nosey at really.

I hope you enjoyed looking through some of the work that I do. I suppose it's just another way for you to learn a little bit more about what I like to do. I take my sketchbooks everywhere with me and I'm not sure what I'd do without them. I'd definitely recommend keeping one if you don't already. It doesn't matter what you put in them. It's nice to have something that you've created that's entirely yours to look back on. Let me know if you'd like any more post like this!

Thank you for reading,
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