Sunday, 30 October 2016

Bloggers Halloween Party

(Photo Credit: Ashton)

So I recently went to Blogger's Halloween Party and I obviously needed to write a post about how great it was! I travelled up to Birmingham which really is a short and easy journey for me on the train. Even though it did end up being a bit of a mare but that's a different story... I was excited because this has been my first blogging event around where I live. Normally I'm here, there and everywhere in London; so much that I might as well live there haha. I met up with a bunch of other bloggers at Grand Central which was super calming for my nerves. Even though I've been to plenty of events my anxiety seems to turn me into a crying mess every time before an event. I felt super stressed beforehand but meeting everyone there really put my at ease. Even though they might not know it that really helped me, so thank you if you're reading this!

We walked from Grand Central to Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter to the Rose Villa Tavern which was where the event was. I'm not going to lie I've never really explored that part of Birmingham and the walk felt like a bit of a trek. At least I didn't feel bad for not going to the gym that day though haha. The venue was lovely and I was so excited for the event to start.

There was so much to do at the event which is always what I like. There's nothing worse than standing there and having nothing to do. So I absolutely loved it! From taking scary selfies to designing a pumpkin for a competition. Which I got way to into the colouring but what can I say I was an art student at one point I have an excuse haha. There were so many fun things to do but I still had time to chill and chat and get to know everyone. There were also a couple of brands there who were so lovely! Especially Dr Botanicals who really took there time to go though all of there products with you. We were also kindly gifted a goody bag at the end and I'm so grateful. There's some really lovely stuff in there that you'll see popping up in reviews very soon!

(Photo Credit: Gweni)

After the event was over we headed back on the tram from Jewellery Quarter back to Grand Central. Everyone else headed home and caught there train. I stuck around in Birmingham and did a little bit of shopping... oops. I always find if I've been to an event I need time to unwind though and I always find shopping is the perfect way... Especially when there's a Primark and a Kiko Cosmetics shop hand haha.

I'm super happy that I had the opportunity to go to Bloggers Halloween Party. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Ashton & Kirsty for organising an amazing event! You really did a great job I honestly don't know how you did it! You were amazing. Also a thank you to all the  brands that got involved! And last but not least thank you to all the bloggers that were there. I know a lot of us will keep in contact. The blogging community is amazing and I couldn't ask to be a part of anything better.

I hope you enjoyed this post,
Thank you for reading,


Monday, 24 October 2016

Places I'm Most Excited To Visit In Europe

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So I made a quick decision to travel Europe next year! It's something I've always wanted to do and I thought why wait any longer. I can't be the only one that's just bored of their life... I need to go do something fun and exciting. I feel the need to travel and culture myself a lot more as I've never really had the chance to. Therefore I'm currently trying to save all the money I can to take with me. I thought I'd share some of the places I'm most excited to visit.

Monaco, I'm so excited to go to the French Riviera and Monaco looks absolutely gorgeous. I've never actually been to France which is crazy considering how close it is so I can't wait to explore a lot of it. 

(Image Source)

Mykonos, The amount of Instagram posts I've seen of people's holidays to Mykonos used to make me so jealous. Now I'm going though it just makes me even more excited. I literally have a whole pinterest board dedicated to it. I can't wait to get my camera there haha.

(Image Source)

Budapest, I never really thought about visiting Hungary. I guess it just wasn't a country that ever really crossed my mind. While planning my trip Budapest was on the agenda. I thought I'd do a bit of googling and I kind of fell in love. I can just imagine walking round at night with all the gorgeous lights on.

(Image Source)

Amsterdam, I've always wanted to visit Amsterdam! So many of my friends of been and they've had such amazing time there. I'm not going to lie 'The Fault In Our Stars' kind of made me want to visit to. When I was watching it although I was balling my eyes out I just thought how amazing it would be to visit there.

I'm beyond excited about my Europe trip even though I'm slightly nervous about being that far away from home for so long. To be honest though I think I'll be having so much fun it'll go way too quickly though!

Let me know where you've visited in Europe and where the best places to go are... I'd love to know!

Thank you for reading, 

Monday, 17 October 2016

I'm Writing A Book!?!?!

You've no idea how long I've been waiting to do this post... Yes I'm writing a book!

I feel like crying I'm so excited and emotional that I can finally share some details about something that means so much to me. I've held this post in for so long that I don't even know where to start now!

Probably best to start with what it's about really... isn't it? Now if you're a die hard romance novel lover I promise you you're going to love this! If romance isn't your thing (although there's a lot of it) it touches so many other current issues in the lives with have today such as mental health etc. 

It's a story all about Alex & Cameron both full of teen spirit and naivety. Straight out of college trying so hard to survive a long distance relationship. Cameron an insecure, "wants to please everyone" first year med student at university. Then there's Alex who isn't really sure who she is apart from her anxiety. She can't really think of herself as the "epitome of the sunshine" As Cam likes to say can she? We follow the challenges they face as individuals and as a couple because we all know too well life's not always full of happiness and sunshine. It's full of ups, downs, lefts, rights, turns and corners. 

This is the story of Alex and Cameron. 

We look into the letters, packages and texts they send back and forth to each other counting down the days until they can be back together again. We explore their relationships and lives in the most personal way we can. 

So there's a little... well not really little I got a bit carried away synopsis. My book is based on parts of a true story which is why this means so much to me. Alex and Cameron as characters mean a lot to me and I only hope I can tell their story with the justice and beauty it deserves. So what the hell I'll be kind and give you the tiniest preview ever of how it all begins.


24th September 2015,

Dear Cameron, 
I'd be lying if I said I haven't been regretting this day for months on end. That I haven't had countless sleepless nights... Staring at that damn plain white ceiling. Hoping for answers to creep through the cracks. 

Hoping that something... Anything would give me the answer.

...Of how I'm going to live without seeing your beautiful face everyday.

And that's all you're getting haha. I told you it would be a tiny preview. I'm just trying to keep you all on the edge of your seats waiting. 

Don't get me wrong there's still a lot of work to go and I've been working on this nearing a year and half. I know it sounds like a really long time but it has to perfect! A lot of research etc. had to go into this beforehand. Now I'm writing whenever I get a chance too. Which means I've had a lot of sleepless nights recently. However I find at night is when I'm most productive which is highly annoying haha. Hopefully I've been rocking the sleep deprived look haha.

Plus the book cover design and all the pages are taking a lot of work to. I said recently on twitter I didn't think making decisions like fonts and colours would be so difficult but really it is! The photo above is a kind-of-really-rough-preview of what the pages in the book will actually look. They will all be photographs of the actual hand-written letters, packages, texts etc. I hope you all love the idea as much as I do.

As for a release date... I currently have no idea. I'm guessing around spring 2017 depending on publishing etc. I promise that I will give you regular updates on how I'm doing though. That will include a title! I'm currently toying between a few ideas but I don't want to rush my decision. This is so HUGE for me and I'm so proud of myself for getting this far. This has always been a dream of mine. 

I really hope your as excited for this as I am! Let me know your thoughts and feeling in the comments as I'd love to know what you think.

Thank you for reading,


Thursday, 13 October 2016

Fifth Harmony 7/27 Tour Review

I was lucky enough to be able to get tickets to see Fifth Harmony in Birmingham at the Barclaycard Arena. I was super excited we has amazing seats right in front of the stage! If you're considering going to watch Fifth Harmony then go. They were absolutely amazing! Talented, beautiful and empowering girls is all I can say. 

I love both their albums 7/27 and Reflection and couldn't wait to hear the songs live. When I listen to the albums I always feel empowered as a woman and sassy as hell haha. I quite often find myself strutting around to the songs on the album.

I had so much fun at the concert singing and dancing my little heart out. It's the most fun I've had in such a long time. My favourite songs they performed were 'That's My Girl', 'Brave Honest Beautiful', 'Sledgehammer' and 'Dope'. Definitely go and check out both albums I promise as soon as you listen you'll have them straight on repeat.

Totally rate the experience 10/10. Hand up to Fifth Harmony because they seriously are crazy talented. They looked absolutely stunning and I honestly wish I could pull of their outfits. I have to give them credit for connecting to the audience so much. It's so nice for them to really connect and smile and wave. It just made me so super happy! They have my 100% support I love them so much. I got home dancing and singing round my house wishing I was in a girl band haha. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Let me know if you want me to do more concert reviews or if you know any artists you recommend seeing live.

Thanks for reading,

*All photos are my own please credit if used

Monday, 10 October 2016

World Mental Health Day & Life Update

So this is a a completely unscheduled post and I've no idea where it's going quite frankly. So it's World Mental Health Day today. A day that means a lot to and so many other people. Today is a day to share our stories and hopefully they'll help others. 

Please if you are suffering don't suffer alone and in silence. Get help from whoever and wherever you can. From someone you trust, family, a friend, a teacher, a guidance counsellor... Anyone. I can't begin to tell you the relief when you let someone in.

I promise even if you're feeling the lowest of the lows and helpless... That it will get better! Trust me I know... I let people push into to thinking I was better off dead and not on this planet. I didn't let it beat me though. Now I'm so much stronger and I'm winning.

I'm winning against my mental health.

You can too, I promise. 

If you need someone to talk to or even just to hold you hand then I'm here for you.

We can do this.

One of my favourite TV characters once said "Depression is a bastard, isn't it? But it's a treatable bastard and you're going to get though it." I think this applies to any mental illness... You can get through it.

We do have to remember that mental health effects people everyday not just for this one day a year. Make sure you keep talking even after today let's not go about this the quiet way!

As for me at the moment my head feels a bit of a mess of jumbled thoughts. I for some reason can't seem to get it together at the moment. Nothing feels right. Especially with blogging I sit here and I get so frustrated because I can't seem to get anything decent written... there's been a lot of tears. I feel so unmotivated and down about it. I have no clue how to fix this... How to get back that enjoyment I've always felt. 

Plus I've been working hard on my university application and actually studying for once in my life. I've decided to apply to be a nurse I haven't quite decided whether to specialise in mental health or adult nursing. However as the days go on I'm swaying more to mental health.

So here was the little me update... I've basically no idea where this going.


Monday, 3 October 2016

Autumn Essentials

I've been so excited to write this post! Autumn is my absolute favourite season and I couldn't wait ti write about my Autumn essentials. These are all things that I love so much about Autumn! From cozy nights in with a book to gingerbread scented candles.

Cozy Blankets
When the nights start to get darker and colder a cozy blanket is the first thing I reach for. I have this gorgeous red fluffy blanket from TK Maxx. I'm not going to lie I really wish you could feel this blanket through the screen! I honestly can't describe just how cozy this is. It's perfect for a late night halloween film session.


The first thing I do when September comes round is get out my collection of Autumn/Winter candles. I always like to have one burning in my room when I'm there. I realised this year I actually haven't got any left! I've finally used up my huge collection... Then again I suppose it's an excuse to buy a whole load more. The scents I absolutely love in Autumn are definitely cinnamon, gingerbread and apple scents. 

Winter Coat, Hat and Gloves

As soon as it starts to get the slightest bit cold I pull out my winter coat and put it on. I'm always cold anyway even in summer so when when the cold winter actually comes I have to be prepared. As soon as September comes around I'm usually constantly freezing cold. I love the cold days where I can where as many layers as I can get under a coat with gloves and a scarf. 

Berry Toned Lips

I live for the day that I can swap my coral orange and bright red lipsticks for my dark berry ones. I prefer wearing lipstick so much more in the Autumn purely because I prefer the colours. Particular colours I'm loving are Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 30, Bourgois Rouge Velvet Lipstick in Grand Cru & L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick in Plum.

Autumn Coloured Eyes

Gold and Copper eyes in Autumn are my all time favourite! This year I've decided to make a bit more of an effort with eye shadow and actually get better at it haha. I've picked up a few new palettes that I think will be perfect for that gorgeous Autumn eye shadow this year. Two particular palettes I'm reaching for the most are Tanya Burr's Hollywood Eye Palette & Sleek All Night Long Eye Palette.

Hand Cream

Unfortunately I was blessed with absolutely horribly dry hands. They get so bad in the winter that they actually crack and bleed. I know... Sorry too much information but it's so horrible and also painful! Hand cream is an absolute must in Autumn for me when the weather starts getting colder. I carry a bottle everywhere with me! I pretty like I pretty much have to use it 24/7 to keep my hand looking semi-ok. If you have bad hands like me try the Aveeno Skin Relief, Restore & Protect Hand Cream... Honestly feels like a life saver sometimes!

A Great Book & Cosy Socks

There's nothing more I love than having a wind down and a chill before bed. When Autumn comes round I love to get into bed in my pyjamas and cozy socks and get myself into a really good book. I usually do this from September right up into December really. Meaning I go through a hell of a lot books haha. Luckily this year I have a huge pile that I haven't read yet! Hopefully I'll have finished them all but the end of September. 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I love Autumn! Let me know in the comments any of your Autumn essentials; I'd love to hear them.

Thank you for reading,

(P.S. HUGE announcement coming this week... so get excited!)
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