Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Current Music Favourites

So it's that time again for some more of my current music favourites. As we're now at the end of November and nearly into the start of December it's only right I do this now. I guarantee the next time I do my music favourites it will be all Christmas music haha. Once the 1st December is here I pretty much have my Christmas playlist on repeat. Anyway I'll stop rambling and get onto the music I'm loving at the moment.

- Mercy by Shawn Mendes, I just feel every bloody lyric from this song. I can't even explain how I feel when I listen to this song. If you've watched Shawn sing this live you can just hear every raw emotion he's feeling through his voice and it honestly mesmerises me. 

- Starving by Hailee Steinfeld, I love sassily strut around to this song... You think I'm joking but I can assure you I'm not haha. If I'm going out this is my go-to get ready song because by the time it's finished I feel great! I'm so glad I discovered Hailee's music because she honestly is amazing! 

Shout Out To My Ex by Little Mix, YES THIS SONG! The sassiest song of the year by far. I was hooked and had this on repeat as soon as Little Mix performed it for the first time on X Factor. It also really made me want to be in a girl band like seriously I want it to happen haha. Make sure to check out the whole of the 'Glory Days' album why your at it because these girls are slaying.

- This Town by Niall Horan, This song is as cute as Niall Horan is... way too cute that is. It's just such a beautiful song. I was listening to it the other day sat by my window watching the sunset and honestly you know when you have that perfect moment of your day. That was definitely mine! Of course as well I'll always support all of the boys from One Direction.

- Patience by Shawn Mendes, This is such a catchy song though. If you listen to it once you'll be singing the chorus over and over again once you've got the lyrics down!

- Let's Hurt Tonight by One Republic, I unintentionally stumbled across this song somehow. It's from One Republic's new album 'Oh My My'. This song has such beautiful lyrics my specific favourite is "If love this pain then darling let's hurt tonight". There's just something about it that I love.

- Brave Honest Beautiful by Fifth Harmony, I mentioned this back song back when I saw Fifth Harmony. I'm still absolutely loving! Perfect to song to dance to in your pyjamas and sing into your hairbrush with your fellow girlies haha.

- Stone Cold by Demi Lovato, This song breaks my heart every time I listen to it... But sort of in a good way. I always say that a song is truly good when I get really emotional and the first time I heard 'Stone Cold' I my eyes out. I'm so glad I discovered this song... So thanks James Corden for having Demi on Carpool Karaoke haha.

- Rock Bottom by Hailee Steinfeld, Another song by Hailee but I promise you this one's amazing too. Totally had this on repeat for two solid days and that's not a lie. 

- HandClap by Fitz and The Tantrums, I can't listen to this songs and not dance! I'd never heard of the band before this song and I absolutely love it. So if you're looking for a song to get everyone up and dancing give this one a go.

- Human by Rag'n'Bone, I only discovered this song a couple of days and I've played it way too many times than I'd like to admit. They have such raw talent. What I'd recommend doing is reading the lyrics first; I feel like you can appreciate the song more after.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Definitely go and check these songs out if you haven't I promise you won't regret it! Please leave me some song, artist or album recommendations in the comments because I love discovering new music.

Thank you,


Monday, 28 November 2016

It's Vintage Colour Pop Review

So I recently did a rather large Colour Pop order. I always take advantage when they do free international shipping and I very much went to town this month haha. I've actually ordered so much I'm going to split it into sound 3/4 posts! I hope you don't mind. I purchased Colour Pop's It's Vintage mini size kit. It consists of 5 mini matte liquid lipsticks. I paid $18 which works out to around £14 for the mini kit. One thing I'd consider before forking out $18 dollars for it is that the lipsticks are tiny! I mean really tiny I was kind of shocked because they look a lot bigger on the website. So I'd definitely consider that before purchasing. However, a pro to them being to small is that they're really good for carrying in your purse/handbag. I've tried each colour to give you an idea of what all the lipsticks colours are like and what I thought about them. I apologise beforehand for the terrible lighting in my photos! I've only had time to shoot in the evenings meaning I've had no natural light at all, so sorry!

This is a perfect everyday colour for me! It's a pink/mauve colour which I don't own any other like it. I was slightly worried because my skin is quite pale I wasn't sure it was going to work but I was actually pleasantly surprised. I really loved it!  I wore this out the other day I did find that it started to fade halfway through the day however. Also I don't know if I got a bad one of this colour but it really dried my lips and it started to crack! A Colour Pop lipstick has never done this to my lips before so I was slightly confused... Let me know if this has happened to you and if it's maybe just a bad batch? 

I already owned a full size version of Tulle and I really like it. If I'm going out for the day but not anywhere fancy then this is my throw on colour. It's more of a burgundy/mauve colour. It applies really easily and I don't find myself needed to top this colour up throughout the day. I'd advise to maybe apply around 2 coats not the lips however. 

This is hands down my favourite colour from the whole kit. I absolutely love all dark red/violet colours I always find myself reaching for them more. This one went on my lips really nicely! I was super impressed I only needed to do one coat as well. I was worried it was going to be patchy but it wasn't at all. One thing I would say is definitely use a lip liner beforehand I didn't and it definitely would be a lot easier to apply considering how dark it is. 

Love Bug
When I first spotted Love Bug in the packed I was very dubious... I mean it was basically brown. I've never ever considered trying this sort of colour before. I was pretty certain I was going to hate it but I though 'hey ho lets give it a go' haha. I was sort of surprised that it actually didn't look as bad as I thought it would. I mean there is nothing wrong with the application etc. of this lipstick! I'm just still unsure on the colour... I'm not sure I quite pull it off but let me know what you think?

Ok so it's time to be really honest about this colour and that is that I don't like it. It's way to dark and not like the website described it as a 'blackened red'... On my lips it just looks dark brown. As you've probably already noticed in the photo it was super patchy! You can see it quite badly. I re-applied the colour about three times and there was just a patch it wouldn't stick to. I personally wouldn't recommend getting this one if you were thinking about purchasing it separately but this is just my honest opinion.

Overall I wouldn't purchase this again however I wouldn't discourage you form purchasing it! I still stick with the fact that I love Colour Pop Matte lipsticks they are my favourite. I was happy with most of the colours in this set apart from the one. As I said before although being slightly disappointed about the size they are perfect to carry with you! I think this would make the perfect Christmas gift for any make-up lover however.

If you'd like to purchase or check the product out clink the link here

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments if you'd like me to do some more beauty review posts. Also if you have any Colour Pop lip colour recommendations let me know for my next order haha.

Thank you for reading,

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Market

I recently visited Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas market. After meeting some lovely blogger friends at Blogger Halloween Party we decided to all meet up and go to the Christmas Market. I'll make sure that I include all their amazing blog links at the end of the post! I headed off quite early to be able to meet everyone for some reasons there weren't many trains. I finally managed to get into Birmingham Moor Street and I walked over quickly to meet the others. We spent a while in the Bullring doing some shopping. I especially enjoyed looking at the Christmas decorations in the Disney Store haha. We then headed outside to the Christmas Market.

I've been to the Christmas Market in Birmingham a couple of times before. I always love it and find it really interesting every year. I'd be lying if I said it was different to the other years though. I find it can be quite same old same old. Nevertheless I still thoroughly enjoyed it though! I always find I manage to get some get photos every year! I found that going on a Sunday morning was a great time to go! It wasn't too busy at all and I can enjoy it so much more when I've got space to breathe haha. The only thing I wish I could've done would maybe be spend more time trying some of the different foods but unfortunately I wasn't feeling well and could only stick to water that day. 

I'd totally recommend visiting the Frankfurt Christmas Market especially if you haven't been before! If you're not in the festive spirit yet it'll definitely get you into it. All I'd advise is that it's best to go more early in the morning and not a Saturday as I find middays and Saturdays it tends to be completely packed! 

I hope they'll be many more trips to come with all of my blogger friends. Make sure to check out all their links below and give them some love:

- Loren,

- Hazel,

- Hayley,

- Nikki,

- Unfortunately Amy couldn't come in the end but make sure to check her out also,

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you've been to any other Christmas markets around the UK I'd love to know your experiences.

Thank you for reading, 

Saturday, 19 November 2016


I'm so very excited to finally announce the #JustBeingMeCampaign. I've always strongly stood that your should be able to be who you are. You shouldn't let anyone tell you who you can and can't be. I fully believe in celebrating who we are as a person and being 100% proud of ourselves for just being us. 

#JustBeingMeCampaign is basically as it sounds. It's about celebrating you... just being you. It's so simple yet not done enough. I see so many people feel so down and have such low self-esteem that I want to encourage everyone to find something positive that makes you... well you and celebrate it.

I want as many people as we possibly can to get involved. This is so very important to me. I always found it difficult to accept myself for who I was. I hated the way I looked, the way I laughed even the way I walked or smiled. I managed to pick myself up and embrace every little thing about me good and bad. Now I love who I am and I'm proud of myself. I want everyone to embrace the feeling of loving themselves too!

I want you all to get involved... I want as many people as we possibly can to get involved! I'm going to be dedicating a whole new page on my blog to the #JustBeingMeCampaign

It'll be a whole new illustrated publication that will be able to be viewed on my blog. An example of the sort of feel for the whole thing will have is above. As you can see I'm standing up and embracing my weird personality! All the graphics and illustrations will be done by me also. I'm putting 110% effort into this it's going to be whole lot of work but it'll be totally worth it in the end.

What you need to do to get involved with #JustBeingMeCampaign:
- All you need to do is choose ONE WORD that describes yourself that you want to embrace. For example, weird, funny etc. 
- Then a short paragraph describing WHY YOU LOVE THAT ABOUT YOURSELF! It only needs to be a couple of sentences long or if you want to write something longer then feel free!
- Find ONE IMAGE of yourself that when you look at it you feel absolutely fabulous.

Then EMAIL all the information over to me at: Please include Name, Age (if you want) and Blog URL (if you have one) in the email!

I want you to get involved and sread the word to all your friends, family... Anyone you can think! Let's celebrate us because we all deserve it! Make sure to share this link and tweet along with the campaign on twitter using the #JustBeingMeCampaign hashtag.

I can't wait to here what you all think! If you have any queries; please email me at the above email or tweet me on twitter. I'll be happy to answer all of your questions!

*Entries will be taken up until 1st August 2017

Thank you for reading,


Monday, 14 November 2016

My Experience: Living With Emetophobia

This is a super hard post for me to write so I'm sorry if it doesn't really have too much structure to it. Even typing the words are making me anxious. If you don't know what Emetophobia is it's basically an extreme fear of vomiting/being sick. Even seeing the words on the screen make my skin crawl. This is the first time I've ever spoken about this issue but I just want other people to know if they're suffering then they're not alone. I used to think that I was being silly until I started to talk to other people who struggle the same as me. I think it's about time I share my experience with you all.

People who suffer with Emetophobia don't always have a clear trigger as to why they are so afraid. I know the exact trigger to mine. It all happened around 3/4 years ago after Boxing Day. We'd been to a family party and what we didn't know is that they'd all had a stomach bug a couple of days beforehand. They were obviously still infectious because I caught it the day after. It was the worst experience ever and the feeling of vomiting and losing control entirely freaked me out and it still says with me today. I never really realised it had affected me that much until a few months after and it still affects me terribly to day.

I know my Emetophobia is linked to my anxiety. Even someone talking about themselves feeling unwell sets alarm bells off in my head. I can get myself so worked up about it I'll end up having a panic attack. It sometimes feel so debilitating and embarrassing to talk about. 

Everyone has fears I know they do but my Emetophobia affects my life everyday. It makes things people take for granted everyday so difficult. I have to carry hand sanitiser with me everywhere... I know a lot of people will just say that's just hygienic but I can't get out of the house without a bottle. I have the constant fear inside my head that I'm going to catch a virus off someone. I can't be in metres of anyone that coughs or sneezes just in the fear they might get me ill. 

I always avoid making long journeys especially in the car and if I do go on one I have to stop at least twice depending on how long the trip is. I've never been brilliant at travelling but I always feel trapped in a car and need the option to get out into the fresh air. I constantly worry that I'm going to get travel sick meaning I don't really go as many places as I've wanted to.

I struggle to go and eat in restaurants or at other people's houses. This is one of the main things that probably upsets and affects me most. I'm fussy about the types of foods I eat and where my food is placed in the fridge and the cupboards. I can't have my food close to anything I don't like in the fear it might make me sick. Also the fear of food poisoning is a huge one too. A lot of my friends don't know I used to avoid going to their houses around lunch or dinner time. Or if I did go I'd sit and swear that I'd already eaten or I wasn't hungry even if I hadn't and I was starving. I promise I wasn't being rude it's just I really can't do it. I get so caught up in where the foods been kept to the cleanliness of kitchens that I can't do it. It all comes back the fear that I'm going to get ill. It's the same with restaurants I'm still uncomfortable but I'm ok eating in restaurants I've been to before but I downright refuse to go to one I haven't. I can't got out for meals with friends or go on my works Christmas meals or whatever... that really gets to me.

Although I'm a lot better than I used to be I'm still skeptical about trying new foods. I know if I eat the same foods over and over again or the same meals that the chances of me getting ill from them are somewhat decreased. It sounds stupid but I can't get past the thoughts. I always have to check with someone that my foods cooked and if there's no one there I more than likely not eat anything. It's got to the point where I'm only really living on one meal a day most days.

I can't go out to clubs or drink alcohol. I sometimes think that my friends think I'm boring for not wanting to go out or drinking alcohol... I'm not I'm just scared. I can't drink alcohol because I'm sacred that it's going to make me sick that night or the next morning... So I just don't. At the same time I can't go out at night to pubs or clubs though. I'm constantly wary that someone who is drunk around me is going to be sick. I can't use the bathrooms in clubs because I know people have been sick in them. 

Even though I'm not at the stage in my life where I would consider this but one thing I hate is that I'm scared to have children. I know that I couldn't cope because I'd be constantly terrified of morning sickness. I want children so bad and I wish I didn't have such an extreme fear which could stop me from doing so. 

It's so frustrating that I can't enjoy some of the things I used too. I used to love theme parks and roller coasters but now if anyone asks me I've "always hated them". I haven't I just can't go on them in case they make me feel sick or someone around me is and I freak out. I don't get to enjoy some parts of my life that I used to anymore and it is really hard. Essentially I'm afraid of my own body.

There's been times where my emetophobia has been so bad that the anxiety has actually made me feel sick. It's a big cycle that I find really hard to get out of. One experience I had the other week was at a train station a girl vomited right in front of me. Instead if just walking away like a normal person I ran. I ran as fast as I could until I was outside because I felt smothered with germs and I couldn't breathe. I know people were staring at me and this is why I've never really spoken about it I find it embarrassing sometimes. There'a nothing worse than someone turning around and saying "well no one likes being sick do they?". It feels like the biggest insult ever. It feels like I'm being belittled and I'm being told all of this is just overreacting and I feel 10x worse. 

However I do feel somewhat refreshed being able to share all of this with you. It kind of felt like therapy writing this all down. Maybe that's what I need to get over it... Honestly I don't know. I'm trying so hard to get over this on my own but maybe at some point I need to let someone help me. I want to get over this so bad I really do! 

Please if you're living with emetophobia and have experienced or are still experiencing things that I am, feel free to speak to me about. Trust me I know how damn difficult it is but maybe if we talk to each other we'll be strong enough to beat this.

This has been quite a long and personal post but I hope maybe this has helped explain a few things or maybe it'll tigger someone else to get help. I don't know but I just don't want anyone to think that they are alone because you're not.

Thank you for reading,


Thursday, 10 November 2016

Blogosphere Christmas Market

I recently went to Blogosphere magazines Christmas Market event. It was held at The Strand Gallery in London. I was so excited to go I love Blogosphere magazine and I hadn't managed to make it to the  summer party so I've counting down the days to the Christmas event since August! 

I headed out pretty early on the train and managed to get some shopping done down Oxford Street. Luckily by the time it started getting super busy it was time for me to head to the event. I was lucky I managed to ge two the venue in time! My slot was from 1-3pm... I somehow managed to get myself lost. I'd been there before and could remember where it was but obviously I took myself down the wring road. In my defence they all look the same and I can't use a map. I tired Google Maps and I ended up walking round for ages aha. Luckily I managed to find it in the end. I was greeted by the lovely Blogosphere team and then I headed downstairs to see some of the brands. I'll put some information on all the brand that were there below. 

So...? Fragrances

I've been lucky to meet the lovely girls at So...? Fragrances before. To my surprise they recognised me from Bloggers Ball as well! It was so nice to get to speak to them again. I'm sure you've heard of So before I mean everyone has had the classic So...? Kiss Me fragrance for Christmas right?! There was a considerably at lot less people at the event meaning I had a lot more time to go through the products with them. They also had their new body mists for us to try and OMG I love them! They'll be whole blog post on the body mist collection coming soon.

Latest In Beauty 

Latest In Beauty is a beauty subscription box... but there's a twist. You can choose which products that you will receive. I think it's such an amazing idea and I'm definitely going to give it a go. Another great thing about this box is you can choose when you buy it meaning there's no monthly charge which is great if you have a shopping addiction and are always tight on money like me haha. They offer smaller sample sized products to try in the boxes and of you love them they offer exclusive discounts on the full product. It's an all round great service so if your into your beauty definitely go check them out!

If your a fellow blogger I 100% recommend checking Social Superstore out! You can basically create your own online store by adding products from various retail stores such as ASOS and River Island. If you've featured the product on your blog also you can add your own photos to sell the item. This allows you to earn money for any purchases from the retailers via your site. I'm currently still setting my store up but I'll make sure to share it when it's done!

The London Tea Company

The London Tea Company... Ohh I don't even know where to start. They basically make the best tea ever! Although I don't make a habit of drinking tea excessively I absolutely love it. I absolutely hate coffee so tea is my alternative. The London Tea company offer such a wide variety of teas definitely go and check them out if you're a tea lover. My personal recommendation is Winter Wondermint especially now we're getting closer to Christmas!

7th Heaven

We were also joined by 7th Heaven who have the biggest range of face masks I've probably ever seen. It was nice to be able to go through all there products with them and decide which ones would work with my skin type. I can't be the only person who has never tried a face mask right... ? Well I have plenty to try now so I'll let you know how I get on with them. It's about time I had pamper night!

Overall I had such a good time at the event and I met some lovely bloggers as always. I can't wait to hopefully go to some more Blogosphere events in the future hopefully! 

Definitely go and check out Blogosphere magazine if you haven't yet.  They have loads of really interesting articles to read and interviews with other bloggers too. They offer some really great subscription packages also. To check them out visit the link here:

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

NSPCC Little Stars Campaign

If you haven't heard about the NSPCC's Little Star Campaign then make sure you keep on reading. The NSPCC helps keep one million children stay safe every year from abuse and neglect by offering amazing services for example Childline. Childline helps children and families 24 hours a day who are going through terrible times. 

This year the NSPCC have teamed up with Oxford Street's Christmas lights and Haspro to create the Little Stars campaign. By teaming together they're hoping to spread the Christmas spirit and help raise money for the NSPCC. All money raised will help the NSPCC to continue to deliver the amazing life-changing services they offer to children and their families. 

The switch on of Oxford Street's lights was on Sunday 6th November hosted by Capital. Amazing guests such as Craig David, The Vamps and Louisa Johnson got involved. Many families turned up to the iconic Oxford Street Lights Switch. With a family festival in partnership with the NSPCC to entertain everyone before the switch on. I only wish I could've been there for the amazing night to support.

I would absolutely love for you to all get involved and support the Little Stars Campaign.  Anyone and anybody can get involved. All you need to do is donate £5... £5 that can help keep a child safe at Christmas and all year round. 

By donating £5 you can name a light after someone special in your life. Whether it be a family member, a friend, a loved one... Anyone you can think of. I'm personally naming my stars after my two brothers who mean the absolute world to me. By donating £5 I'm hoping to help keep children safe and happy. Once you've donated on the Little Stars website you can share your message. Share your message with the person you have bought the star after. You can share through Facebook, Twitter or email. 

The NSPCC is an organisation close to my heart and I'd love if you could help them by donating. However if you can't donate please share this post and spread the awareness!

To Donate Visit:

If you need help yourself or you are concerned about a child or young person please reach out to the NSPCC by visiting

Childline (Help for children and young people): 0800 1111
Help for adults concerned regarding a child: 0808 800 5000

Thank you for reading,

*all images and information were provided by the NSPCC


Sunday, 6 November 2016

Joe & Caspar Hit The Road USA Tour Review

So I was lucky enough to bag myself a VIP ticket to see Joe & Caspar on their Hit The Road Tour USA. I was super excited to find out that they were coming to Wolverhampton at the Civic Hall which was pretty close to me and not to hard to get to. 

After what felt like so long waiting the event day finally came. I went straight from work to the train station desperately trying to get to the venue on time for the meet and greet. I'm not going to lie it was a stressful journey, the train was delayed and beyond getting to the train station I had no idea where the Civic Hall was and only 5 minutes to get there. I managed to get a taxi there only to then to not be able to find the entrance. Luckily one of the security guards was kind enough to help me find the right entrance even though he wasn't that helpful reminding me "Aren't you a bit late?"... As if I didn't already know haha. Luckily I wasn't the last to arrive.

I joined the end of the queue for the meet and greet feeling incredibly nervous after my journey. It was the first chance I got to think after the busy trip. Being by myself as well I didn't have a friend to calm me down and give me a hug haha. Luckily I got talking to two lovely girls in front of me. I always find it so great at events like this that everyone is willing to get to know you. Especially as I go a lot of places on my own I'm always grateful to make friends.

The meet and greet itself went by pretty quickly as they always do. However I was super happy that this time there would be a professional photographer. There's nothing worse than coming away from a meet and greet with a shaky selfie haha. I was lucky that my photo was actually really lovely and I had both my eyes open. I'm always nervous I'll get caught mid-blinking! Joe and Caspar were lovely as they always are every time I meet them. They such huge inspirations to me and I'm not going to lie I still get nervous meeting them even now haha. I would be lying if I said I hadn't got a crush on Joe though... I mean he's pretty gorgeous. He said that he loved my glasses and I practically nearly melted to the floor. In all seriousness though the meet and greet was totally stress free once I was there and totally worth it.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the show itself to be honest. I'd stopped myself from looking at any other tweets or videos from the other shows so it'd be a complete surprise for me. As I had gone on my own I was sat surrounded by people I didn't know at all. I was super nervous at this point waiting for the show. Sometimes open spaces are the worst for me! I'd already had a couple of drinks and if you know me I haven't drank alcohol in over a year. For some reason I thought getting more drinks would calm my nerves... It really didn't. Five minutes before the show I started to feel a bit dizzy and I was desperate to go to the toilet haha. I really didn't want to get up in front of everyone. The lights went out and I panicked and got up so quickly to leave I knocked the girl next to me's drink over *CRINGE*. I still have a huge bruise on my leg from where I walked into a chair not he way our also... I'm a disaster sometimes. 

After all that I finally sat down and started to enjoy myself as we got into the show. Joe and Caspar are so funny! I have some very interesting videos especially of Caspar dancing which I can't help but smile at every time I watch it. The live ice bath challenge was hilarious and I'd be lying if I wasn't loving that they were both topless haha.  Seriously though it was truly entertaining all the challenges and activities they did. I always find I'm the oldest at these kind of shows so I'm never sure what I'll think but honesty I loved it! Watching the parents around me I think they did too. I can't wait to watch 'Hit The Road USA'.

A HUGE congratulations to both Joe and Caspar! It's crazy from watching their videos years ago that it's come to this; I couldn't be more proud. Without them I know I wouldn't have the courage to be able to do what I'm doing now. They've been a huge inspiration to me, so thank you Joe and Caspar.

I really hope you enjoyed this post!
Make sure that you go and pre-order 'Hit The Road USA' which is released on 21st November. I know I for one cannot wait.

Links to Pre-Order:
Amazon UK

Thank you for reading,

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