10 Photo’s That Make Me Happy #10

This week has sort of been a funny week. I’m not even sure why I’ve just felt myself feeling even more fed up as the days have gone on. Today has felt like a day of reflection though… I mean I’m not sure what I really have to be fed up with. I’m surrounded by amazing people in my life and I couldn’t ask for any better.

I’ve been looking back at old and recent memories. Re-living all the special moments that these photos hold. I had to only pick ten photos otherwise this post would be never ending. I hope you enjoy looking at little snippets of my life that I’ve never shared before. Also you get to see all the amazing people I’m lucky enough to share my life with or meet.

1. Grandad, Ma-Ma, Dad & Me

2. Me & Max 

3. My Brothers, Max & Joe

4. Me & Mum

5. Me, Max & Joe

6. Caspar, Me & Joe

7. Mum, Me & Dad

8. Me & Zoe

9. Me & Joe

10. Me & Jess a.k.a My Chummy

I guess the point of this post really is to never take what you have in your life for granted. Life is way to short and I’m not about to waste mine. I want to have the best and magical times with the most amazing people. I want to be amazing and do amazing things. Let me know your favourite memories or tell me about all the special people in your life in the comments.

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