2017 Goals

So I touched back in my last post about how I wasn’t making any New Years resolutions this year. I quite honestly find them pointless. Don’t get me wrong setting resolutions may work for many people but I can honestly say I’ve never stuck to my resolutions. I feel like using the word goals and making goals is different to a resolution. I feel like these can be set but they don’t always have to be reached. I feel like there is always room for goals to change throughout the year because quite honestly you never quite know what’s going to happen! 

I thought I’d give you a little insight into the goals that I have currently for this year. I’m sure that they’ll change throughout this year… Hey probably even this month! Here are my goals for 2017:

1. Smile more, this one’s pretty simple and I quite honestly think I smile more than most people anyway. I’ve always been a smiley person and I just want to smile more and spread the happiness with everyone else!

2. Explore more & have more adventures, I’m already onto this goal already! I want to explore more of the country I live in. I find it so strange I haven’t actually visited more places in the UK so I’m making a list of great places I want to go to this year.

3. Start eating regular meals, I’m really naughty with eating meals… Oops. I never eat breakfast and quite honestly tend to skip lunch quite often within a week. I know this is definitely not healthy for me and I need to start making more effort to eat regularly.

4. Go to more events, I really would like to go to more blogging events this year definitely! I’d love to meet as many bloggers this year as I possibly can. I would also like to go to more concerts, theatre shows, musicals… etc. I feel like I want to experience new things that I haven’t seen before.

5. Start exercising regularly again, I did get into the habit of a regular exercise last year and I went though a bad patch. I honestly didn’t feel like I had the energy to do it. Now however I find myself missing it and I want to feel as fit and as healthy as I did last year.

6. Read more books, I love reading books of all genres and I always have! I found myself becoming more disinterested with it last year and I don’t think I finished reading more than one book. This year I want to get my teeth stuck into some new literature.

7. Apply for university for 2018 & get some work experience, I want to go to university next year I’m still deciding whether to study ‘Diagnostic Radiography’ or ‘Operating Department Practice’. I know completely different to the fashion, beauty and lifestyle things I write on here. I’ve always loved medicine and I’m a huge nerd secretly… Don’t tell anyone haha!

8. Dance again, If you don’t know me you won’t know that I used to dance… It honestly was my life. Unfortunately I suffered a back injury which unfortunately affects me daily. I’ve never been so heartbroken to be told I couldn’t do something I loved so much anymore. My back although can be debilitating and painful at times is a lot stronger. I’m working really hard to make it stronger so that hopefully this year I can finally dance again. 

These are my 2017 goals that I can think of so far! I’m sure they’ll change and I’ll add more goals but hopefully I’ll be able to reach a lot of them this year. Let me know in the comments your goals for 2017 I’d love to hear them.

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