A New Venture For 2017 #23

So I’m actually really excited to post this post! If you haven’t gathered from the title I’ll be starting a new sort of venture in 2017. I spend a lot of time drawing and I have done ever since I was little. It’s something that I truly love. Over the last few months I’ve really been trying to get better at illustrations and up my skills. I’m finally happy with where I’m at and all the programmes I have to do my illustrations. I previously asked on Twitter if people would like me to open a shop and everyone was really encouraging. So thank you to you guys I’m making this happen.

In the start of 2017 I’m going to start at Etsy shop and I’ll be selling all previous illustrations that I’ve done. I’ve got a few art prints and illustrations of celebs etc. I’m also going to be offering custom illustrations for whatever any would like. As well I’ll be offering to do blog headers and logos for all my fellow lovely bloggers. I may venture out to notebooks, stickers etc. if everything goes well mid-2017.

I’m hoping Alice-Tilly Illustrations will become a thing and I won’t be a flop! By no means will this be taking over blogging however. I’m making sure I have plenty of time to run my blog, illustration business and still run my campaigns. I know…. 2017 is going to be an incredibly busy year for me.

The illustrations above are some previous ones that I’ve drawn. If you are interested in commissioning me then feel free to drop me an email at: alicewashbrooke07@gmail.com. As well a that I’m happy to answer any queries/questions beforehand.

Thank you for reading,

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