Are We Being Discouraged To Pursue Creative Subjects?

 This is the first post where I’ve really discussed any topics/issues that I’m interested in or am currently questioning. This post has been a long time coming I feel. I just want to quickly point out this is all my opinion and experience. I’m really not looking for an argument or a fight…. I want to hear others opinions on the subject but in a civil way. I’m really excited to discuss what you all feel and whether you agree or disagree with me.

Todays topic is “Are We Being Discouraged To Pursue Creative Subjects?”. Personally I’m talking about choosing GCSE’s, A Levels and a Degree subject. I feel that it’s really important to have this discussion as to whether others have felt like they are being discouraged from picking or taking the more “creative subjects”. Creative subjects including, Art, Photography, Design & Technology, Music, Drama etc.

I went to a state school just across the road from where I was living. I experienced the feeling of being discouraged from taking more creative subjects at both GCSE, A level and when choosing a degree. I took Art and Design & Technology: Graphics for both GCSE and A Level. In my school I feel like creative subjects were completely pushed to the bottom of the pile. Less funding, less lessons and in general staff had less interest in. I feel like when taking my options there was so much information about taking the sciences and focusing on maths and english… yet very little information or encouragement was given for things such as Art, Photography, Music etc. 

There’s very much still a stigma around people who pursue creative subjects. I feel like the creative subjects are very much still very gendered. I feel like males are discouraged in general to take creative subjects as in society it’s always been seen as female subjects. Total load of shit obviously but I think it’s a common case for males to feel of scared of what people will think if they take a creative subject. I feel like school’s and the education system should try harder to de-gender all school subjects. Make pupils to feel safe and happy picking and pursuing whatever subjects they feel comfortable in. 

“If you take a creative subject you’re not intellectual or smart”. If I earned a pound for the amount of times I’ve heard someone say this to me or someone else I swear I’d be a millionaire right now. This is in no way the case at all! I know so many people who enjoyed and had an absolute passion for art but could also ace their way through a Biology exam. I feel like I was judged a lot by others peers and teachers that because I had taken art I was branded “stupid” or “less intelligent” which I in no way shape or form am. 

I feel like the government and education system really instills in you that you’re are going to be held back and there aren’t any jobs available in the creative sector which is quite frankly simply untrue. It’s in no way going to hold you back in regards to career opportunities. You can thrive whether you’ve studied Biology, Mechanics or Photography! 

There’s all the more proof that children are being discouraged from pursuing creative subjects. The number of students that sat Design & Technology exam dropped by 10% from 2015 to 2016. The same with students who sat an exam for Art & Design dropped by a whopping 26% in one year. The drop of students studying these subjects actually could have a significant affect on creative career posts not being filled due to less people with the right knowledge and skills to fill the positions. I’m nervous for the future of the creative industry and I shouldn’t have to feel this way and neither should you. 

I want students to feel supported and encouraged to take creative subjects if that’s the path they want to choose. No one should be able to discourage or tell you what direction you should take your life in. I’m in no way saying pick creative subjects over sciences or maths… Hey, if those are the subjects that make you happy you go ahead and take them! All subjects hold skills for careers in the future and are all just as important as each other. 

I’d love to hear your opinion on this question! If you’ve had the same sort of experience as I have or a completely different one. Also I’d love to hear what you think if you personally didn’t take any creative subjects yourself. I hope you’ve enjoyed my first topic post of 2017. I can’t wait to begin writing more and sharing my opinions with you.

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3 thoughts on “Are We Being Discouraged To Pursue Creative Subjects?

  1. I know that my family saw creative subjects as 'add ons' and that they wish I had picked 'real' subjects. That unfortunately speaks for itself!

  2. Same! I wanted to study Psychology and a creative course but that was frowned upon by my family. I definitely believe people praise hard core subjects like science & math more and it's actually kind of sad because you need more of your mind for a creative course as much as you need it for a science or math course. Great post! Nikki O.

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