Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market

I recently visited Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas market. After meeting some lovely blogger friends at Blogger Halloween Party we decided to all meet up and go to the Christmas Market. I’ll make sure that I include all their amazing blog links at the end of the post! I headed off quite early to be able to meet everyone for some reasons there weren’t many trains. I finally managed to get into Birmingham Moor Street and I walked over quickly to meet the others. We spent a while in the Bullring doing some shopping. I especially enjoyed looking at the Christmas decorations in the Disney Store haha. We then headed outside to the Christmas Market.

I’ve been to the Christmas Market in Birmingham a couple of times before. I always love it and find it really interesting every year. I’d be lying if I said it was different to the other years though. I find it can be quite same old same old. Nevertheless I still thoroughly enjoyed it though! I always find I manage to get some get photos every year! I found that going on a Sunday morning was a great time to go! It wasn’t too busy at all and I can enjoy it so much more when I’ve got space to breathe haha. The only thing I wish I could’ve done would maybe be spend more time trying some of the different foods but unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well and could only stick to water that day. 

I’d totally recommend visiting the Frankfurt Christmas Market especially if you haven’t been before! If you’re not in the festive spirit yet it’ll definitely get you into it. All I’d advise is that it’s best to go more early in the morning and not a Saturday as I find middays and Saturdays it tends to be completely packed! 

I hope they’ll be many more trips to come with all of my blogger friends. Make sure to check out all their links below and give them some love:

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– Unfortunately Amy couldn’t come in the end but make sure to check her out also,

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you’ve been to any other Christmas markets around the UK I’d love to know your experiences.

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  1. This looks so amazing! I'm so close to Birmingham I will have to check if it's still on and go and have a lookie. Love your photos x

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