Bloggers Ball 2016

So yesterday was so exciting for me! I finally got to attend a blogger event. I’d been counting down the days till Bloggers Ball for ages. When it actually got to the day I’m not going to lie I was slightly nervous. I was going by myself and I hadn’t met any other bloggers before. I had no reason to be nervous at all! I honestly had the best day I could of wished for! I thought I’d share some photos and my thoughts of the event.

The venue was absolutely gorgeous and I’ve fallen in love with it. DSTRKT is located not too far from Piccadilly Circus. I’d never heard of it to be honest before this event. I’d looked it up and seen all the beautiful pictures. Honestly I couldn’t wait to get there. I spent way too much time staring at the ceiling… I’ve realised that sounds a bit odd! The whole ceiling was lit up with purple/pink/blue lights.

It was so lovely to talk to so many brands and look at their products! This was probably what I was most nervous. I thought talking to brands about my little corner of the internet would be really difficult and I wouldn’t know what to say. It felt like it came really naturally though. The brands were so encouraging and really wanted to listen to what you had to say. I’ll definitely be keeping in contact with some of the brands I spoke to there. There was such a range from chocolate to hair care. I really enjoyed talking to them all! Credit to all the brands for their amazing looking stands as well. 

I’d never met another blogger before this event. I was excited to be able to talk to other bloggers though. I couldn’t wait to talk to people who understand and share the same passion as I do. I thought I might feel a little intimidated I mean I’ve not been doing this long! I found there were so many other people in my position though who are just getting started. The whole blogging community is so lovely and welcoming! I couldn’t of asked for anything more. I’ve met some people that I’ll definitely be seeing and keeping in contact with. 

So my first bloggers event was a complete success and I can’t wait until the next one! If you’re unsure or nervous about attending then honestly just go for it. They really are amazing and you’ll totally regret it if you never go to one.

Thank you to all the brands that kindly gifted samples and products. I can’t wait to go through and try them all. They’ll be lots of reviews coming up!

Also a massive thank you to Scarlett! It really was an amazing event and I now can’t wait for Bloggers Festival in September!

(P.S. for those who were asking where my dress is from they’ll be an ootd post up tomorrow)

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7 thoughts on “Bloggers Ball 2016

  1. Aw it looks like you had an amazing time and you got some lovely freebies! I wish I could have gone, I would have loved to have met you! Fab post xx Thrifty vintage fashion

  2. Aw it looks like it was a brilliant event & I'm glad you took the plunge and went on your own, looks like you had a great time! I would have been so nervous to go as well, haha!I'd love to go to a blogger event one day when my blog grows a little bit 🙂 they look like so much fun!Clara

    1. It was such a good day! I know I totally would of regretted it if I'd of pulled out. They're so good you should definitely try get to one:) xx

  3. Scarletts events are always pure joy and so well organised! My fav brand that day was seed & Bean, loved their chocolate. Your dress is lovely btw :)Caz | Style Lingua

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