Bloggers Halloween Party

(Photo Credit: Ashton)

So I recently went to Blogger’s Halloween Party and I obviously needed to write a post about how great it was! I travelled up to Birmingham which really is a short and easy journey for me on the train. Even though it did end up being a bit of a mare but that’s a different story… I was excited because this has been my first blogging event around where I live. Normally I’m here, there and everywhere in London; so much that I might as well live there haha. I met up with a bunch of other bloggers at Grand Central which was super calming for my nerves. Even though I’ve been to plenty of events my anxiety seems to turn me into a crying mess every time before an event. I felt super stressed beforehand but meeting everyone there really put my at ease. Even though they might not know it that really helped me, so thank you if you’re reading this!

We walked from Grand Central to Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter to the Rose Villa Tavern which was where the event was. I’m not going to lie I’ve never really explored that part of Birmingham and the walk felt like a bit of a trek. At least I didn’t feel bad for not going to the gym that day though haha. The venue was lovely and I was so excited for the event to start.

There was so much to do at the event which is always what I like. There’s nothing worse than standing there and having nothing to do. So I absolutely loved it! From taking scary selfies to designing a pumpkin for a competition. Which I got way to into the colouring but what can I say I was an art student at one point I have an excuse haha. There were so many fun things to do but I still had time to chill and chat and get to know everyone. There were also a couple of brands there who were so lovely! Especially Dr Botanicals who really took there time to go though all of there products with you. We were also kindly gifted a goody bag at the end and I’m so grateful. There’s some really lovely stuff in there that you’ll see popping up in reviews very soon!

(Photo Credit: Gweni)

After the event was over we headed back on the tram from Jewellery Quarter back to Grand Central. Everyone else headed home and caught there train. I stuck around in Birmingham and did a little bit of shopping… oops. I always find if I’ve been to an event I need time to unwind though and I always find shopping is the perfect way… Especially when there’s a Primark and a Kiko Cosmetics shop hand haha.

I’m super happy that I had the opportunity to go to Bloggers Halloween Party. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Ashton & Kirsty for organising an amazing event! You really did a great job I honestly don’t know how you did it! You were amazing. Also a thank you to all the  brands that got involved! And last but not least thank you to all the bloggers that were there. I know a lot of us will keep in contact. The blogging community is amazing and I couldn’t ask to be a part of anything better.

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  1. You managed to go shopping with that huge goodie bag on your shoulder?! Well done! Haha. Meeting you guys at the train station really helped with my nerves, too! Such a great day and I'm so happy to have met you.Hazel –

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