Blogosphere Christmas Market

I recently went to Blogosphere magazines Christmas Market event. It was held at The Strand Gallery in London. I was so excited to go I love Blogosphere magazine and I hadn’t managed to make it to the  summer party so I’ve counting down the days to the Christmas event since August! 

I headed out pretty early on the train and managed to get some shopping done down Oxford Street. Luckily by the time it started getting super busy it was time for me to head to the event. I was lucky I managed to ge two the venue in time! My slot was from 1-3pm… I somehow managed to get myself lost. I’d been there before and could remember where it was but obviously I took myself down the wring road. In my defence they all look the same and I can’t use a map. I tired Google Maps and I ended up walking round for ages aha. Luckily I managed to find it in the end. I was greeted by the lovely Blogosphere team and then I headed downstairs to see some of the brands. I’ll put some information on all the brand that were there below. 

So…? Fragrances

I’ve been lucky to meet the lovely girls at So…? Fragrances before. To my surprise they recognised me from Bloggers Ball as well! It was so nice to get to speak to them again. I’m sure you’ve heard of So before I mean everyone has had the classic So…? Kiss Me fragrance for Christmas right?! There was a considerably at lot less people at the event meaning I had a lot more time to go through the products with them. They also had their new body mists for us to try and OMG I love them! They’ll be whole blog post on the body mist collection coming soon.

Latest In Beauty 

Latest In Beauty is a beauty subscription box… but there’s a twist. You can choose which products that you will receive. I think it’s such an amazing idea and I’m definitely going to give it a go. Another great thing about this box is you can choose when you buy it meaning there’s no monthly charge which is great if you have a shopping addiction and are always tight on money like me haha. They offer smaller sample sized products to try in the boxes and of you love them they offer exclusive discounts on the full product. It’s an all round great service so if your into your beauty definitely go check them out!

Social Superstore

If your a fellow blogger I 100% recommend checking Social Superstore out! You can basically create your own online store by adding products from various retail stores such as ASOS and River Island. If you’ve featured the product on your blog also you can add your own photos to sell the item. This allows you to earn money for any purchases from the retailers via your site. I’m currently still setting my store up but I’ll make sure to share it when it’s done!

The London Tea Company

The London Tea Company… Ohh I don’t even know where to start. They basically make the best tea ever! Although I don’t make a habit of drinking tea excessively I absolutely love it. I absolutely hate coffee so tea is my alternative. The London Tea company offer such a wide variety of teas definitely go and check them out if you’re a tea lover. My personal recommendation is Winter Wondermint especially now we’re getting closer to Christmas!

7th Heaven

We were also joined by 7th Heaven who have the biggest range of face masks I’ve probably ever seen. It was nice to be able to go through all there products with them and decide which ones would work with my skin type. I can’t be the only person who has never tried a face mask right… ? Well I have plenty to try now so I’ll let you know how I get on with them. It’s about time I had pamper night!

Overall I had such a good time at the event and I met some lovely bloggers as always. I can’t wait to hopefully go to some more Blogosphere events in the future hopefully! 

Definitely go and check out Blogosphere magazine if you haven’t yet.  They have loads of really interesting articles to read and interviews with other bloggers too. They offer some really great subscription packages also. To check them out visit the link here:

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