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Hello loves! I’m so excited about sharing this post with you. I recently went to the Blogosphere Valentines Tea Party. It was such an amazing day and I couldn’t wait to share with you all about my day and the event. Before the event I travelled over to Notting Hill to meet fellow bloggers Nirvana and Serena who were also attending the event. We decided to have some lunch together at Pizza Express beforehand. I hadn’t been to Pizza Express in literally like 5 years or something haha. The meal was so good but so huge I was never going to finish it. 

After having lunch we headed over to Southwark for the event which was at the Tropical Library, Lumiere London. I’d never heard of it before but I’d had a look at a Google Maps beforehand to try and plan the route. It wasn’t that far from the tube station and I thought it would be an easy walk…. Turns out it wasn’t haha. Safe to say we got a little lost but after a lot of wondering and help from a lady on her balcony we eventually found it! The Tropical Library itself was totally not what I was expecting. I absolutely loved it it’s probably the most instagramable place I’ve been ever haha! It definitely thought it was the perfect place to hold an event.

Everyone was beyond lovely there as always. I find events like this as well as so good for networking with brands but also getting lots of tips etc. from other bloggers. I forget that I haven’t actually been doing that of this long so any tips I’m grateful for. I was so excited as always to get to hear from different brands. All of them I’ll include so you can learn a little more about them!

Pearl And Groove
Thought I definitely needed to give a mention to Pearl And Groove. On our way in to the event there were and a table of cakes provided by Pearl And Groove. They almost looked so stunning that you kind of didn’t want to eat them haha… That might just be me though. All the cakes were gluten free which was even better because I prefer eating anything gluten free. I regret not actually trying once because they looked so nice! So I’ll definitely be heading over to their bakery on Portobello road soon. You can check them out their website HERE.

Dr Lipp
It was so great to get to talk about Dr Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm. Before you get confused by the name let me explain haha. This balm cannot only be used for chapped lips but for dry skin patches, burns, split ends… Plus more! It’s totally amazing and the dual purpose is what makes this product so original. Plus it’s all 100% natural which makes me feel even better for using it! I can’t wait to try it out as I do suffer with dry lips. I’ll make sure to update you on what I think. if you want to check out Dr Lipp visit their website HERE.

SAMAYA is a relatively new all natural skin care brand. They specialise in doing cleanser, anti-ageing cream and anti-ageing treatment oil. The skin care brand are based on the ‘Ayurvedic Principles’ which help you achieve a ‘perfect balance’ in your life starting with your skin. There are three types of the skin care products VATA, PITTA and KAPHA. What’s really great is you can go onto their website and do a quiz to see which would be more suitable for you. You can check their website out HERE

Kat Von D
I’m sure we’ve all heard of Kat Von D! It’s probably been one of the most talked about make-up brands so far this year. The brand is originally American however has just launched in Debenhams recently. I’ve been wanting for so long to try some of their products especially the ‘Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks’ which I was lucky enough to be able to swatch. Plus we got to see some products that will be released shortly in the UK… Trust me you should get excited! Although I didn’t have time, Kat Von D were also colour matching with their ‘Lock-It Liquid Foundation’. I need to get my hands on it if you like high coverage foundation then go and purchase it. It honestly works wonders. You can shop the products on Debenhams HERE.

I’ve heard of but never tried anything from Glo&Ray. So I was so excited to get to look at all their products. Instantly I fell in love with the matte lipsticks. I will definitely be trying more of Glo&Ray’s products. Everything is relatively affordable and won’t break your bank account which is even greater. I’ve got a matte lipsticks, an eyeliner and a brow pencil to try. I will definitely be writing a review when I’ve tried out the products. If you want to check out the website you can visit it HERE.

The Duppy Share
As we arrived at The Tropical Library The Duppy Share were there to serve us their LoveDup punch. It looked so good and although I don’t drink I though I’d give it a try. I’ve never had rum before so this was my first time giving it a go. Personally it was way too strong for me but I’m not used to drinking haha! If you like rum though go and check them out HERE.

Book Your Lifestyle
Book Your Lifestyle have over 150 spas & salons in London. You can go online and book beauty treatments online so if you’re looking for a bit of pampering definitely go and check them out. I can;t wait to hopefully work with them in the future so watch this space. If you want to see what treatments and services they offer visit their website HERE.

The Flash Pack
I absolutely love The Flash Pack! They offer unique photo booths for events, parties etc. At Blogosphere Valentines we were able to post for the front cover of the magazine which was so fun. We got a print out and I had mine emailed to me too. I absolutely love it! I’ll definitely be looking at them for any future events that I organise. Check them out HERE.

Overall I literally had the BEST day ever! I was so glad that I was able to go and I’m forever grateful for all the opportunities I get. Thank you to all the amazing gals at Blogosphere for organising the event. This is my 3rd Blogosphere event and I always have an amazing time. After Blogosphere Valentines I go home and honestly I felt so super inspired and motivated. It really just showed me where all this work can take me. I forget sometimes that I’ve not even been blogging for a year yet and I still can’t quite believe how much I’ve achieved already! I’m actually super proud of myself and why shouldn’t I be. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has to bring and hopefully more Blogosphere events.

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