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I was contacted right back in December  by Blossoming Gifts*. Blossoming Gifts is a basically an online florist they offer a wide range of flowers and gifts for all occasions. They can be delivered 7 days a week plus they offer next day delivery. It’s such a great service to have available!

Blossoming Gifts kindly offered to send me a bouquet of flowers. Now it took me so long to decide. I literally spent hours deciding which to choose because the range was so big I couldn’t decide! In the end I went for white roses & lilies which are actually my favourite flowers. I couldn’t wait for them to arrive! I love having fresh flowers around in my house. 

My flowers arrived a few days later and I was nervous about the delivery and whether they were going to be ok when they arrived. They came in a huge box however with lots of protection and the flowers were absolutely fine. My initial worry had completely vanished when I pulled out the beautiful flowers. 

It was nice to also see that all the care instructions for the flowers were included. I’m not claiming to be an expert on keeping flowers alive so I was thankful for the advice haha! I arranged the flowers in a vase and they sat with pride on the dining room table. I honestly loved them so much!

I would totally recommend using this website to you. Especially for occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays etc. Even as a last minute gift this would be great if you didn’t have time to go out and get something. The flowers were all fresh and lasted longer than I expected as well which was great. 

Prices range from £16 – £100 there honestly is something there for everyone. What’s great is I’ve also got a discount code for you which will give you a massive 33% discount. If you use the code BGIFTS33 at the checkout!

If you want to check out Blossoming Gifts make sure you follow the link HERE.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite types of flowers are I’d love to know!

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*This product was sent to me but all opinions/writing are all my own

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