Can You Be Too Young To Fall In Love?

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Today’s question is… Can you be too young to fall in love?

The word love comes with such a great importance to everyone. We all strive for love in our life whether it be obvious or secretly. It’s something we all crave and want in life to be happy. There’s the greater argument of what love is.

The dictionary definition of love is “a strong feeling of affection”. I personally think that doesn’t even cover the meaning of love. The feeling of loving someone is so much more powerful than strong. It can take over you to the point it’s all you think of from when you wake up to when you fall asleep.

We feel all sorts of different kind of love from when we are first born to when we become adolescents. We assume we know what love is as an adolescent but I’m not sure we’ll ever really be able to pinpoint the definition of love. We get so many ideas from literature, social media etc. it’s hard to form an opinion on your own definition of love.

They say their are symptoms to falling in love. Whether it be feeling completely comfortable with that person and being able to tell them everything or wanting to be around them every second of the day and never letting them go. Can we ever prove these actions mean we have fallen in love?

I mean when we say “I love you” do we ever really know what we’re saying or is it just something we’ve gotten use to saying. 

Going back to my question of can we be too young to fall in love? Well to be honest I don’t think you can be too young to fall in love. How can we be too young to feel an emotion towards someone. There’s so many conflicting opinions on the question!

I think people who say you can be too young to fall in love tend to think others who say you can’t be are naive. I’m not naive I know for a fact that love doesn’t last forever. That we don’t live those happily ever afters you read in fairytales. We are all human we all have flaws and sometimes that comes with tribulations. Not everything is meant to last forever but it’s all part of growing up.
I feel if we were too young to fall in love then we’d never have the experience to learn about how to love someone or what it’s like to feel love for someone.

The argument is that we are still growing as a person at a young age and it’s why we are too young to fall in love. Who says we can’t grow with that other person though? 

However I think at a young age when we are in so called love we sometimes need to be reminded that we have our whole lives ahead of us. We have so many important decisions to make that can affect our future at such a young age. We can’t let one person dictate what we do because I mean we can never predict or know the future. You might love that person so much in the moment but you never know what can happen in a day or a month or a year. We all make mistakes at a young age it doesn’t mean we’re immature. We need to make mistakes otherwise we’d never learn about how to get anything right. 

I first fell in love when I was 14 and I firmly believe your first love you will always remember. Everything felt different at that time and I felt different. I suddenly has this realisation I knew what love was to me. The strange thing is at 19 now I haven’t felt that way about anyone since really. I’ve never felt that much love for one person than I did then. I’ve been attracted to people… I’ve liked people but I’ve never loved again since then. If I didn’t fall in love at such a young age then I wouldn’t know the difference, I think that proves to me we’re never to young to fall in love.

At the same time however I get constantly frustrated of the overuse of the word “love”. I feel like its come so common to use we throw it around too casually and with a meaning it doesn’t deserve. However I don’t think that’s down to someones age. It’s down to the overuse of the word in the media. It’s down to everything we’ve been told what love is… You can’t teach a person what love is they have to feel it otherwise they’ll never know.

I don’t think we are too young to fall in love but I’d love to know what you think in the comments! I feel like this topic isn’t taboo at all but for some reason it’s just not something we ever really discuss and I’d like that to change. I want to discuss what it feels like to fall in love and when we felt we first fell in love. 

I hope you enjoyed this different sort of topic post,
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