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So in case you don’t know who Caspar Lee is… he’s a YouTube sensation that I have no doubt fallen in love with. If you haven’t watched any of his videos then I’ll put the link in at the end of this post! What you might not know is Caspar released a book on 31st May this year self-titled, “Caspar Lee”. It was written by his lovely mum Emily and himself. This book is as you can guess all about Caspar’s life. I’ve only read a couple of pages but I can already tell that I’m going to love it.

Today I hopped on the train to Birmingham after an extremely busy day at work to go to the book signing. It originally started at 3pm but then was changed to 2pm. I managed to get there just before 2pm so I headed straight over.

When I got there everything was very organised! I got my wristband straight away and started queuing. I was surprised that I only had to queue what I think was about 30 minutes. I wasn’t that far from the front though! They took 40 people into Waterstones at a time which meant it wasn’t completely overcrowded everywhere.

We queued a further 10/15 minutes inside which I can’t complain about either. I’m always surprised at these events how many people the authors see! I’m always very grateful of it.

I always find the closer you get to the signing table the more stressed you start to get. Honestly I didn’t though everyone was calm and the staff did such a good job! They made sure we all had the book open to the write page and our cameras out ready. One thing I loved is that they stuck a post it note on the tope with our name so Caspar and Emily could write our name. I thought this was such a lovely idea!

I then went and got my book signed by both Emily and Caspar. Emily was looking rather lovely might I add! I then had my picture taken with Caspar. I always have the fear they’ll come out blurry but thankfully it was fine.

All in all I had such a good day and it really put a smile on my face. I’ve got to say this is one of my favourite book signings I’ve ever attended. I just want to thank everyone at Waterstones, Caspar, Emily, etc. I truly had a lovely time. When everything is calm and organised it always makes it a million times better!

I can’t wait to review the whole book when I’m finished. As I said already I’m loving it already. So I’ll let you know my full verdict when I’m done! I really hope you enjoyed this little insight into what I’ve been doing. I’ve left links below for Caspar’s YouTube channel and where you can purchase the book in the UK. Enjoy!


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  1. Omg you met Caspar! I hate to admit but I didn't actually realise that Caspar was releasing a book till all the promo! x

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