Day Out In Bath OOTD

Hello you gorgeous lot!
I was lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful day in Bath this Saturday! The weather was absolutely on my side. I’d never actually visited Bath before and turns out it’s an absolutely gorgeous place. I’ll definitely be going back there soon. I enjoyed lovely day out at the theatre with the most beautiful and kind hearted people ever. It was such good day by all accounts.

I thought I’d do a OOTD post for you because not going to lie I was absolutely loving what I was wearing. Plus Bath was so pretty I couldn’t say no to a quick little photo… I also got to try out my new camera lens that I have literally fallen in love with! Gotta get that blurry background haha. I’ll include all the links to everything I’m wearing below:

Dress – Black Floral Embroidered Mesh Overlay Dress, New Look, £27.99
Jacket – Primark 
*Alternative* Black Faux Leather Cropped Biker Jacket, Missguided, £45.00
Shoes – Primark
*Alternative* Tia Chunky Cleated Heel Chelsea Boot, Boohoo, £25.00

I really hope you enjoyed this post! I plan on doing a lot more fashion based posts! I promise they’ll improve as I go along haha. Let me know what fashion posts or trends you’d like me to talk about or if there are any clothing brands you’d like me to try out in the comments!

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(P.S. They’ll be an extra special post tomorrow so be ready!)

Feb/March 2017 ASOS Picks

(L-R, Top 1-3, Middle 4-6, Bottom 7-9)

Hello Darlings!
I can’t believe it’s March already now… This year is flying by already. One thing I am super happy about though is that it is now officially spring. That should mean better and slightly warmer weather but hey I live in England so I’m not all the hopeful haha. Spring is the perfect time however to have a good clean out of your wardrobe and replace it with new items. 
I was browsing ASOS the other day and it’s actually embarrassing how big my wishlist now is but they have some great stuff for spring in at the moment. So I tried super hard to shorten my list down to my absolute favourite picks from ASOS to share with you all. So here are my Feb/March picks from ASOS:

1. ASOS Denim Jumpsuit in Raspberry

2. ASOS Treasured Leather Chunky Strappy Sandals

3. ASOS Smock Dress with Don’t Look Back Embroidery

4. River Island Tassel Hem Denim Skirt

5. Miss Selfridge Broderie Detail Ruffle Top

6. ASOS Cat Velvet Cross Body Bag

7. Fashion Union Frill Front Shift Dress

8. Addidas Originals Black Three Stripe Crop Top

9. Pinkie Broderie Detail Frill Hem Top

Let me know in the comments where you’re loving to shop for your spring wardrobe! Or let me know your favourite picks from ASOS at the moment. I really hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you for reading,

Handbag Essentials

Hello my darlings, I thought it had to be about time I did a handbag essentials post! I love to organise my bag all the time… I’m not sure why. I think I like the thought that I have everything I could ever need with me haha. I pretty much own Mary Poppins bag I have that much stuff. I promise I’ve narrowed it down to my absolute essentials that I definitely wouldn’t leave without!

For the obvious reasons I won’t leave without a can of deodorant… I don’t want to smell ever! If I ever go on a long walk or I’m on the tube and it’s really hot I’m going to need to use some. I always use Dove’s Aerosol Deodorant personally and you can get a travel size one from Superdrug which is the perfect size for storing in our handbag.

Body Mist/Perfume
I always carry body mist or perfume with me again because I obviously want to smell nice. I always use it in the morning but the smell obviously tends to ware off in the day so I like it on hand to spritz some more. My current pick for my handbag is Zoella’s Sweet Inspirations Body Mist. It’s my favourite smell I’m sure you will have seen me mention it before. The bottles aren’t too big and I can usually find space to store it in my handbag.

Hand Sanitiser
Hand sanitiser is a necessity for my handbag for hygiene reasons and I will not leave without it. If I have to use a public toilet or if I’m travelling a lot on the tube it’ll be the thing I reach out of my handbag most. I currently have a bottle of Zoella Hand Of Heart Hand Gel. Perfect size for my handbag and also the nicest smelling hand sanitiser you’ll ever own… Trust me!

Tissues are always handy and honestly you never know if you’re going to need one so best be prepared. If not for you someone else will always need one and I feel better being able to offer them out. I always buy the 6 packs of tissues from the supermarket as obviously it’s not practical to carry around a whole box!

Thankfully I’ve never forgotten my powder before because honestly who wants a shiny face! I haven’t got oily skin so I don’t get too shiny. However I prefer powdering halfway through the day just to make sure especially on my T-zone etc. I always take the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent. It’s honestly the best powder I’ve ever used and it’s totally affordable!

I can’t be the only one that’s guilty of leaving it really late to get ready am I? I’m sure I’m not but it means sometimes I don’t get a chance to do my make-up before I leave. I’m not really bothered about face make-up on these days but I have to wear mascara to feel alive haha. Meaning I always carry one as I have now mastered the art of doing my mascara on the train, tube… Anywhere! My current favourites are Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara & Volumeyes Plus Active Mascara.

Again I always need a mirror because I pretty much always do my make-up on the train now. I currently have a gorgeous one from Ted Baker which I’m not sure is available anymore. Alternatively there are beautiful copper compact mirrors from Primark available still for only £1… I literally own about 5 of them!

Hand Cream
This is one of those hand bag essentials that I only carry in the colder months. I don’t really ever need to reach for hand cream in the summer but in the winter my hands need it to survive. I’m currently using Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream. I absolutely love this hand cream! It’s one of those products it smells so good you just want to eat it. 

I love my lipsticks but sometimes I honestly don’t bother putting one on only to regret it halfway through the day. I always keep my most used and loved lipsticks in my handbag for one of those days. My favourites are Tanya Burr Lipstick in Pink Cocoa  & Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Tulle.

I carry my sunglasses around all year round because somehow I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing them when it’s not even sunny… I mean I’m not sure it’s very socially acceptable but it’s fashion right?! I only own one pair of sunglasses because they’re prescription ones and I can’t see with normal ones so these go everywhere with me haha.

Moleskine & Pen
If you don’t know what a Moleskine is it’s basically a journal or mini sketchbook. I always carry around an A5 Moleksine with me. If you didn’t know I studied art and I still like to draw and explore the concept of art even now. I always make sure I have a pen so I can start doodling. I find being out and about can be the most inspiring for me when it comes to art ideas.

Hairbands & Hairbrush
I’ve got super long hair so on a windy or rainy day I always desperately need a hair brush. I’ll stand in more than likely a public toilet trying to desperately pull my hairbrush through my tangled and knotted hair and when I finally do it looks absolutely awful. I know it’s a glamorous image isn’t it?! So I always keep a hairband in their to tie it up if it comes to desperate measures!

I can’t function properly without headphones. I mean to be honest I travel a lot of places alone meaning I haven’t got anyone to talk too. So I need my headphones for music or audio books to keep me sane because I can’t handle silence it’s way too awkward for me. 

Phone Charger
I carry a phone charger the obvious reason that I always constantly use my phone when I’m out. So much that I have to find a café or somewhere with a plug available to charge it. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had to ask at a train station if they have a plug I can charge my phone in… It’s always embarrassing every time I have to ask.


Ok so I don’t actually ever see many people mention their purse in their handbag essentials… But I mean it has my money in and I can’t really do anything without that haha.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! I’d love to know in the comments what you think classes as an essential and what your handbag essentials are! I honestly think I carry way too much in handbag but I’m always overly organised to go anywhere… It can’t just be me, is it?!

Thank you for reading,

February 2017 Topshop Wish List

Hello Loves! Can you believe that it’s the start of February already because I feel like I’ve slept through half this month haha. I always think a new month is an excuse to buy new clothes to be honest. Especially since it’s February and I’m single so I’m compensating for Valentines Day haha. I was browsing Topshop the other day and they are absolutely killing the fashion game at the moment. I’m all about pastels, frills, lace and pink this February! I thought I’d share with you all my top picks.

MOTO Pink Velvet Frill Dress £42 | *SALE* KARMA Lizard Print Loafers £35 | *SALE* PETITE Tie Sleeve Mohair Knit £18

Lace Spot Mesh Long Sleeve Body £29 | MOTO Pink Metallic Skirt £34 | PETITE Rip Oversized Jacket £49

 Utility Peg Trousers £39 | ’80s Leather Aviator Jacket by Boutique £325 | Pinspot Sheer Ruffle Sleeve Top £36

MOTO Graffiti Print Mom Jeans £52 | Ruffle Lace Embroidered Dress £59 | Debby Spot Mesh Frill Blouse £45

I really hope you enjoyed my February Topshop picks. Hopefully it maybe inspires you outfit-wise. I’m so desperately trying to inject a little bit of colour in my wardrobe after suddenly realising all the clothes I own are basically black… Tell me I’m not the only one!?! 

Let me know in the comments what you’re wishing for this month and you’re favourite places to shop! 

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Thank you for reading,


Family At Christmas With Boohoo #22

Boohoo have been kind enough to gift my whole family and me with a Christmas jumper. We’ll definitely all be sporting these on Christmas day! It’s so important to spend Christmas with your family and love ones. Whether it be your mum or dad, siblings, friends, other half… Anyone who you love. What always intrigues me is other families Christmas traditions as I’m so used to my own.

I thought I’d give an idea of what a typical Christmas day is for my family. I spend Christmas with my Mum, Dad and my two brothers Max & Joe. When we wake up we always have a sack of presents. We always take them into my Mum & Dad’s room and open them on their bed in our PJ’s together. Then we go downstairs where the presents are always laid out on the floor to open. I’m definitely always the slowest haha! We spend most of Christmas relaxing and chilling. We’ll usually try out or build any new things that we have. I tend to help my Mum with Christmas dinner. We have Christmas dinner with my Grandma & Grandad as well. We always go to my Nan’s in the evening to spend time with one side of the family. I always love going it’s so nice to get to spend time with people I love more than anything.

I always say I honestly and really mean that I don’t care about the presents. As long as I’ve got all the people I love and care about around me then I can’t ask for anything more! 

I would love to know in the comments any family traditions that you have at Christmas or who you’re spending Christmas with this year. I really hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you to Boohoo for making this happen! If you want to visit Boohoo check the link below.


Thank you for reading,

*Products gifted by Boohoo all content & opinions are all my own

ASOS Autumn/Winter Wishlist

 (Top Row, L-R 1-3, Middle Row L-R 4-6, Bottom Row L-R 7-9)

I get so unbelievably excited when we get to around September time because it means all the autumn/winter clothes start to appear in the shops and online. I will hands down say I prefer autumn/winter fashion than I do spring/summer. It’s just a lot more me! I prefer big chunky knit jumpers opposed to crop tops and shorts. 

Although I’m trying to save money (which realistically is never going to happen with me) I managed to find myself browsing on ASOS looking to update my wardrobe for the new season. I picked a few things that I absolutely loved and will definitely be adding as staples to my autumn/winter wardrobe.

1. ASOS Ridley High Waist Skinny Jeans in Clean Black, £25, might sound like a boring purchase but to me it’s really not! I don’t own one pair of jeans and I never have. I really hated denim growing up I found it unbelievably uncomfortable. This autumn/winter however I’m determined to get myself in a pair of jeans and love them. Black high waist skinny jeans seem to be just a go to really. You can dress them up or you can dress them down. They’re pretty multi-purpose which is perfect for me.

2. Boohoo Pleated Pinafore Dress, £20, hands down my favourite item out of this whole wishlist. I LOVE IT! I just think it’s so so cute and reminds me of how I used to dress when I was little haha. I can just imagine pairing this with a white long sleeve polo neck top and a pair of woolly white tights. Perfect for a cold winters day! 

3. Native Youth Tencel Utility Shirt, £40, this is basically a simple white shirt. I love to lounge around in them through autumn particularly. They’re so versatile and pretty much go with anything. I’m definitely thinking about pairing it with the khaki green trousers I’ve included in this wishlist with some cute chelsea boots.

4. Boohoo Twill Pinafore Dress, £20, clearly I have a thing for khaki this autumn/winter. I just feel like it’s a colour I seem to be reaching for this season. I love pinafore dresses and I like how this is more of a body-con one. Considering most of the clothes I own are black this will go perfect with a lot of my wardrobe. 

5. ASOS Oversized Cropped Sweatshirt, £14, this is perfect for my lazy days where I want to lounge around and watch Netflix. Unfortunately my lazy days seem to happen more than they probably should… oops. This’ll be perfect to wear around the house teamed with a pair of black leggings. 

6. French Connection Platform Felt Coat, £176, ok so I have a coat obsession and I’m not joking. I feel the need to buy about 10 coats every time the sun goes in and it gets the slightest bit cold. Which happens a lot in the UK as you can imagine! I’ve limited myself to 3 coats this year and nothing more. I’m loving beige coats! I think they go with so much and look really sophisticated. I love the collar on this coat and how it crosses over at the front. Although maybe on the pricier side of coats the quality matches the price so you can’t really complain.

7. ASOS Ultimate Chunky Jumper With High Neck, £25, how cosy does this look? I quite often go on early morning walks! Partly because I’m an early bird and plus I always walk to work. This will be perfect for me to just throw over a t-shirt or my work uniform in the morning. There is something I love about quiet walks to clear my head before the day ahead. I can’t wait to do it in this jumper.

8. River Island Swing Coat With Removable Faux Fur Collar, £65, I fell in love with this coat as soon as I saw it. I knew that I needed this in my wardrobe. It’s such a gorgeous colour and the shape is so flattering. I also love that the faux fur collar is removable as well. I like when there is an option with collars and hood on coats. I can’t wait for it to get cold enough for me to wear this out.

9. ASOS Skinny Trousers With Seam Detail And Zips, £25, again with the khaki colour again I’m sorry haha. I just love the look of these trousers though. They look really fashionable yet comfortable at the same time. I’ll definitely be pairing these with my trusty leather jacket.

I hope you enjoyed this post about what I’m loving and wishing for from ASOS this autumn/winter. Let me know what you’ve been loving or if this post has given you any inspiration in the comments.
 Thanks for reading,