2018 Goals

I’m not making new years resolutions this year but yearly goals instead. They might sound the same to you but I feel like there’s so much pressure to keep up with resolutions. Who can honestly stand up and say they’ve religiously kept up their resolutions? Because I know I certainly haven’t. My goals are there to push and remind me to achieve, have fun and be happy this year. Their not here to make me feel bad if I don’t quite manage to do everything!

So here are my 2018 goals…

1. Continue blogging throughout 2018
It’s so crazy that I haven’t been blogging regularly since April 2017! I honestly can’t believe it’s been that long. I think my time away has given me time to think about what I really want out blogging. I’d got too caught up in the figures, my content and honestly I doubted if I was good enough to do this. Now I’m happy I know what direction I want my blog to go in. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

2. Write a book
I’ve wanted to write a book for so long! I’ve been planning for at least two years. I feel like over the last two years I’ve found the confidence to be able to write it! I’m hoping if I mange this to self-publish in 2018.

3. Look after myself
This is one of the most important. I need to plan my time better and not let everything get on top of me this year. It’s ok to take a set back from things that no longer bring you happiness.

4. Step out of my style comfort zone
I’ve already bought so many new clothes and accessories for this year. It’s time to stop thinking too much about what everyone else thinks and dress how I want to not how others want me too. I no longer dress to impress anyone but myself. So here’s to a year of looking fabulous.

5. Run at least one 5K and one 10K
I did my first 10K last year at Kew Gardens to raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity. I really really enjoyed it! It was something I never thought I’d be able to do and I’m still so proud. I can’t wait to run some more this year!

6. Take more photos/videos
I did so many amazing things last year! It was honestly one of my best. I took so many photos and it was so nice to put them all in an album because now I get to look back and remember all the amazing memories. This year I have so many exciting things planned I want to take more photos and video everything so I can look back on it.

7. Start an Etsy store 
If you don’t know I’m actually really into art and illustration. I just seem to do paintings and drawings and they’ll sit around my room getting dusty. 2018 is the time to finally start doing something with all my art.
8. Keep dancing
I’ve been dancing since I was about 3 years old. I’ve been out of it for a while now injury after injury. So I’m determined to get back to classes and back in shape to how I used to be. Honestly I choreographed nearly 100 routines last year so I really want to get back into the studio!

9. Eat healthily and get fit
It’s so so important to eat healthily and to stay fit. I feel like I slipped up at the end of last year so I’m determined to get back on it. I’ve already been eating healthily again for about a week and I feel amazing. My body is definitely thanking me for it.

These these are all my goals for 2018. I can’t wait for the year ahead I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one. I would really like to hear your 2018 goals and what you want to achieve this year in the comments!

I really hope you enjoyed this post,
Thank you for reading,

What The Butler Saw

Hello Loves!
So if you follow me on Twitter then you’ll definitely have seen I’ve been tweeting pretty much constantly about What The Butler Saw for the past week. If you have no clue what that is then quickly get yourself on google now and find out! I’ve been planning on getting out to see more theatre shows to inspire me recently. I thought I’d let you know all my thoughts and feelings of the day and what went on. It honestly was one of the best days!

I travelled around an hour to the Curve theatre in Leicester and I was meeting friends when I got to the event. I was so excited on the way! What The Butler Saw is a play that was written by Joe Orton. This year it’s been 50 years since he sadly passed away so the play was put on to celebrate the work of Leicesters own playwright directed by Nikolai Foster. 

I hadn’t actually heard of the show before now and I was quite glad of that. There were mixed opinions about whether you should research the show beforehand or just go in blind. I would totally recommend going in absolutely blind. I think it made it more exciting I was literally on the edge of my seat throughout the whole show… I never wanted it to end! I had no idea what to expect and I loved it.

I don’t particularly want to give everything or anything away but it was absolutely hilarious! Although I imagine some would find controversial at times you have to go in with a light heart. Incredible and powerful performances from all involved. Catherine Russell and Rufus Hound are the combination of the perfect pairing for the Prentices. Astonishing performance from Jasper Britton who had me crying of laughter multiple times throughout the show! I honestly think no matter who you are you will enjoy this show. I would 100% recommend it… I’ve already been twice and I”m going for the third time.

I was lucky enough to meet so amazing people who I hope I will stay in contact with for a long time. Thank you to them for making me feel so much more at ease throughout the day. I was also lucky enough to meet Catherine Russell and Rufus Hound after the show.

Catherine has been an idol to me for a long time and she’s one person who keeps on inspiring me and pushing me on to become and actress. I felt extremely lucky to be able watch her in action because her acting quite frankly always takes my breath away. We all also managed to run into Rufus in the cafe after the show and he was lovely enough to stop to have a picture with us.

I would 10/10 recommend going to see the show whether you are an avid theatre goer or not. I promise you you won’t regret it! Absolutely class acting from everyone involved. The whole show is so well thought out from the set, to the props to the lighting. 

If you want to go and see the show although finished in Leicester it will be showing at the Theatre Royal in Bath from 27th March – 1st April. There are both matinee and evening show tickets available still. You can purchase them HERE

I’ll be going again to the matinee performance on 1st April.

If you’ve seen the show let me know what you thought in the comments. Also let me know what theatre shows I should go and check out if you’ve seen a particularly good one.

Thank you for reading,

My University Experience

Hello loves,
Today I thought I’d share with you all about my university experience. In case you didn’t know I originally started to attend university back in September 2015… I didn’t actually think it was that long ago until I just typed that. Safe to say it was not the best experience of my life at all. Since leaving in November 2015 I’ve got myself a part-time job and the rest of the time I spend working on my blog.

I thought it was about time I shared my own university experience as I’m hoping it will help someone who is feeling the same as I did. I just want to start off explaining how I will not disclaim the name of the university I attended. I don’t think it’s fair at all and you will understand as I explain on. I’ll split my experience into different sections and explain my feelings on each.

University Offers
I’d visited the university I wanted to attend to prior to choosing it as my first choice. I really did love it I’d visited a couple of times it was modern, in the perfect location and the course seemed amazing. I think it’s 100% important to visit a university before you choose it. I was lucky enough to get an unconditional offer from the university. This was quite early on in year 13 and I feel like it definitely swayed my decision in making it my first choice and accepting my place before I’d even finished my A Levels. I felt very so happy to be in that position that I didn’t really have the worry everyone else had. It didn’t matter what grades I got because I knew I had a place in the university I so desperately wanted to go too.

However my opinions on universities offering unconditional offer changed very quickly. When I got on my course I found out that every single person had received an unconditional offer too. I almost felt cheated really… I thought they wanted me because they were excited about my work. Turns out they just needed to fill the quota number on the course. It’s funny how many people have left that particular course now.

Moving Into Halls

I moved in halls on 13th September 2015; I remember feeling like I couldn’t wait to be living in student accommodation and having the best times. Obviously I was sad I was leaving the house I’d lived in for 18 years and my family who I’m all very close too. I have two younger brothers and we’ve never really spent anytime apart at all. I was taking it all in my stride though I was just excited. I’m not a nervous person about things like this. Expectations can be deceiving though.

I spent the whole first night crying. I’m sure I’m not the only one this happened too either but no one talks about it. I felt like even though it was my choice I’d been ripped apart from my family. All of a sudden I was an adult and I was absolutely terrified. No one can prepare you for that feeling.

The impact of living with others can be a huge impact on your own life as well. I’m loud and bubbly at the best of times but some people I found so hard to get along with. To the point I felt a little bit intimidated. The fact I didn’t drink and like going out I think fuelled more reason for me to be left out of everything. I was beyond lonely! I’d get home somedays and there would be no one in the flat and I’d sit in the kitchen or my room and blast the music to drown the silence. They don’t let you know how lovely living in student accommodation can be and I know I’m not the only one to feel like this.

I was thankful to meet a lovely girl in my flat though that always made the effort to talk to me and always listened and understood me when I needed her too. We shared a couple of the best nights I’ve ever had even though I hate drinking and nightclubs. I’m actually really sad ever since I’ve left we’ve drifted apart.

There was just so many things about halls that bothered me and maybe I’m picky but I just couldn’t live with it. When I was trying to sleep and the flat upstairs would constantly bang on their floor/my ceiling till about 4am. When all my flatmates wouldn’t wash up and tidy away to the point where there was no space on the kitchen sides and there was food on there which was over a week old… I’m sorry but I’m totally not down for that.

Course Content

I have no idea where to start with the course content! I went to study Interior Design which I admit I’d done although some so much less research I should have done before I chose the course. When I went for interview at my chosen university though they took my round the building, showed me students work and talked me through the course. It was like they knew exactly what I wanted to hear. The course sounded really hands on and creative which was what I wanted. I thrive in doing creative projects and art so it sounded fantastic… It wasn’t.

When I actually enrolled onto the course and got my timetable I genuinely thought “This must be wrong.” Nothing on there was anything I’d been told we would do. The seminars and lectures bored me to shreds it honestly didn’t even seem relevant to the course so much I didn’t even see the point of going. The so called “practical lessons” were all based with theory. It was all accurate measurements straight lined drawings. I felt like my creativity had been stripped from me then and there.

I genuinely spent the first three months I was there making cubes out of foam board… Now someone please explain to me how this has got anything to do with interior design. Also if anyone wants proof I’ve still got the cubes I made haha. Even writing it just sound ridiculous!

I urge anyone who is considering going to university to ask the lecturers as many questions as you can about the course and don’t be afraid to ask awkward questions. This is your life and you deserve all the right information about something that can potentially change your life. Try and get in contact with students already studying the course at your chosen university they’re the best to ask. They won’t sugarcoat and brush over the facts!

Social Life/Student Union

Okay lets start by saying what social life? I had less of social life when I went to university than I did beforehand. Now this is only my experience and it’s definitely not like this for everyone! But I have to say if you don’t particularly like drinking or clubbing it pretty much sets you apart from everyone else. I found the more I started saying “no” which I am quite in my right too the less people seemed to bother asking me to do things. You might think well if you always said no to going out why would they ask? You’re right. I wouldn’t ask me to go on a night out either. It wasn’t just nights out though it was meals, the cinema etc. I was on my own 99% of the time.

I thought maybe I could gain more of a social life by joining things in the student union. I’d already decided before I’d even got there that I wanted to do dance and cheerleading. I’ve dance ever since I could walk and it wasn’t something I wanted to give up.

I first went to cheerleader try outs and OMG it was awful… I came out of there feeling like a total loser. I thought it was all about having fun and enjoying yourself turns out no. There was literally no fun at all. I wasn’t even bad I’m used to choreography like that but I felt like I’d just been shouted at and all the fun had been shaken out of me for 2 hours… Safe to say I never went back.

So my next option was to try dance but honestly I felt a bit put off after the cheerleading incident. I did go to a few classes but there was still this lingering feeling that you just weren’t quite good enough for them. Plus I’m not sure when “initiations” ever became part of joining something like this. For someone that doesn’t like drinking this was a NIGHTMARE. I felt like I was 14 years old all over again and having to drink weird drink combinations with toothpaste to prove you were a solid part of the friendship group… Yes we did used to do this don’t ask haha! Everything just seemed so ridiculous and clicky. I just wanted to be myself and I wasn’t and still won’t let anyone take that away from me.

Being Unhappy

I was unbelievably unhappy even after only being there for a couple of months. Unfortunately during October I actually suffered from a relapse of my back injury I did while in a dance exam back when I was about 16. I was so much pain it really isn’t pleasant at all! I decided that while I couldn’t attend university I’d go home and be with my family while my back was at it worse. It was so bad I struggled to walk from one end of the room to another at one point. I felt slightly better after just over a week and decided to return to university. When I got back all my flatmates were sat in one room chatting together they looked shocked and surprised to see me. Almost like I’d died and come back to life right there and then. They weren’t sure that I was coming back but said they were glad to see me. I could already tell though they’d all bonded together a lot over the week I wasn’t there… I actually felt really hurt.

I went back to university after that and I struggled to even stay there for a couple of hours because of the pain. When I finally felt able too I didn’t want too. I had no motivation I absolutely hated it. I spoke to my lecturer and he explained maybe the course wasn’t for me and that was it. I remember feeling so deflated I went back to my flat, rang my mum and cried about how much I hated it. Ultimately she said it was my decision about what I wanted to do. I remember the next day I spoke to student advisors etc. about dropping out and if I was making the right decision.

I wondered around university for whole day deciding what was best. I eventually decided this wasn’t for me… It was making me so unhappy it wasn’t worth it. I signed the forms to drop out that day. There was just no compassion form the university at all. All they told me were two things:
1. I’d have to move out of halls within a week as they needed the room.
2. My key cards would stop working so I had 24 hours to clear my stuff out of university.

I honestly could not wait to get out of there and go home! Although my decision may have been looked down on by people I’m hoping if you read my experience you’ll understand why. The experience is not always as it seems. It was the best decision for me personally. If I hadn’t of left I wouldn’t have started this blog, I wouldn’t have figured out what I wanted to do. So I can only be grateful for the life experience.

I’m in no way trying to put people of going to university at all! It was just one of those bad experiences I felt the need to share. I’m actually planning on returning to a different university to study a different course after a lot more research in 2018.

Please don’t let the negatives put you off doing anything!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post,
Let me know your experience of university in the comments I’d love to hear it.

Thank you for reading,

Blossoming Gifts

Hello loves!
I was contacted right back in December  by Blossoming Gifts*. Blossoming Gifts is a basically an online florist they offer a wide range of flowers and gifts for all occasions. They can be delivered 7 days a week plus they offer next day delivery. It’s such a great service to have available!

Blossoming Gifts kindly offered to send me a bouquet of flowers. Now it took me so long to decide. I literally spent hours deciding which to choose because the range was so big I couldn’t decide! In the end I went for white roses & lilies which are actually my favourite flowers. I couldn’t wait for them to arrive! I love having fresh flowers around in my house. 

My flowers arrived a few days later and I was nervous about the delivery and whether they were going to be ok when they arrived. They came in a huge box however with lots of protection and the flowers were absolutely fine. My initial worry had completely vanished when I pulled out the beautiful flowers. 

It was nice to also see that all the care instructions for the flowers were included. I’m not claiming to be an expert on keeping flowers alive so I was thankful for the advice haha! I arranged the flowers in a vase and they sat with pride on the dining room table. I honestly loved them so much!

I would totally recommend using this website to you. Especially for occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays etc. Even as a last minute gift this would be great if you didn’t have time to go out and get something. The flowers were all fresh and lasted longer than I expected as well which was great. 

Prices range from £16 – £100 there honestly is something there for everyone. What’s great is I’ve also got a discount code for you which will give you a massive 33% discount. If you use the code BGIFTS33 at the checkout!

If you want to check out Blossoming Gifts make sure you follow the link HERE.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite types of flowers are I’d love to know!

I hope you enjoyed this post,
Thank you for reading,

*This product was sent to me but all opinions/writing are all my own

Handbag Essentials

Hello my darlings, I thought it had to be about time I did a handbag essentials post! I love to organise my bag all the time… I’m not sure why. I think I like the thought that I have everything I could ever need with me haha. I pretty much own Mary Poppins bag I have that much stuff. I promise I’ve narrowed it down to my absolute essentials that I definitely wouldn’t leave without!

For the obvious reasons I won’t leave without a can of deodorant… I don’t want to smell ever! If I ever go on a long walk or I’m on the tube and it’s really hot I’m going to need to use some. I always use Dove’s Aerosol Deodorant personally and you can get a travel size one from Superdrug which is the perfect size for storing in our handbag.

Body Mist/Perfume
I always carry body mist or perfume with me again because I obviously want to smell nice. I always use it in the morning but the smell obviously tends to ware off in the day so I like it on hand to spritz some more. My current pick for my handbag is Zoella’s Sweet Inspirations Body Mist. It’s my favourite smell I’m sure you will have seen me mention it before. The bottles aren’t too big and I can usually find space to store it in my handbag.

Hand Sanitiser
Hand sanitiser is a necessity for my handbag for hygiene reasons and I will not leave without it. If I have to use a public toilet or if I’m travelling a lot on the tube it’ll be the thing I reach out of my handbag most. I currently have a bottle of Zoella Hand Of Heart Hand Gel. Perfect size for my handbag and also the nicest smelling hand sanitiser you’ll ever own… Trust me!

Tissues are always handy and honestly you never know if you’re going to need one so best be prepared. If not for you someone else will always need one and I feel better being able to offer them out. I always buy the 6 packs of tissues from the supermarket as obviously it’s not practical to carry around a whole box!

Thankfully I’ve never forgotten my powder before because honestly who wants a shiny face! I haven’t got oily skin so I don’t get too shiny. However I prefer powdering halfway through the day just to make sure especially on my T-zone etc. I always take the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent. It’s honestly the best powder I’ve ever used and it’s totally affordable!

I can’t be the only one that’s guilty of leaving it really late to get ready am I? I’m sure I’m not but it means sometimes I don’t get a chance to do my make-up before I leave. I’m not really bothered about face make-up on these days but I have to wear mascara to feel alive haha. Meaning I always carry one as I have now mastered the art of doing my mascara on the train, tube… Anywhere! My current favourites are Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara & Volumeyes Plus Active Mascara.

Again I always need a mirror because I pretty much always do my make-up on the train now. I currently have a gorgeous one from Ted Baker which I’m not sure is available anymore. Alternatively there are beautiful copper compact mirrors from Primark available still for only £1… I literally own about 5 of them!

Hand Cream
This is one of those hand bag essentials that I only carry in the colder months. I don’t really ever need to reach for hand cream in the summer but in the winter my hands need it to survive. I’m currently using Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream. I absolutely love this hand cream! It’s one of those products it smells so good you just want to eat it. 

I love my lipsticks but sometimes I honestly don’t bother putting one on only to regret it halfway through the day. I always keep my most used and loved lipsticks in my handbag for one of those days. My favourites are Tanya Burr Lipstick in Pink Cocoa  & Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Tulle.

I carry my sunglasses around all year round because somehow I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing them when it’s not even sunny… I mean I’m not sure it’s very socially acceptable but it’s fashion right?! I only own one pair of sunglasses because they’re prescription ones and I can’t see with normal ones so these go everywhere with me haha.

Moleskine & Pen
If you don’t know what a Moleskine is it’s basically a journal or mini sketchbook. I always carry around an A5 Moleksine with me. If you didn’t know I studied art and I still like to draw and explore the concept of art even now. I always make sure I have a pen so I can start doodling. I find being out and about can be the most inspiring for me when it comes to art ideas.

Hairbands & Hairbrush
I’ve got super long hair so on a windy or rainy day I always desperately need a hair brush. I’ll stand in more than likely a public toilet trying to desperately pull my hairbrush through my tangled and knotted hair and when I finally do it looks absolutely awful. I know it’s a glamorous image isn’t it?! So I always keep a hairband in their to tie it up if it comes to desperate measures!

I can’t function properly without headphones. I mean to be honest I travel a lot of places alone meaning I haven’t got anyone to talk too. So I need my headphones for music or audio books to keep me sane because I can’t handle silence it’s way too awkward for me. 

Phone Charger
I carry a phone charger the obvious reason that I always constantly use my phone when I’m out. So much that I have to find a café or somewhere with a plug available to charge it. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had to ask at a train station if they have a plug I can charge my phone in… It’s always embarrassing every time I have to ask.


Ok so I don’t actually ever see many people mention their purse in their handbag essentials… But I mean it has my money in and I can’t really do anything without that haha.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! I’d love to know in the comments what you think classes as an essential and what your handbag essentials are! I honestly think I carry way too much in handbag but I’m always overly organised to go anywhere… It can’t just be me, is it?!

Thank you for reading,

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Hello Darlings! There’s nothing more that I love than taking photographs. I’ve constantly got a camera of some form attached to my hand. I love being able to take photos and to look back at all the memories; it’s part of the reason I love Instagram. I’m quite a creative person anyway and I find Instagram is a way for me to express myself through my own photography.

I have been trying a little harder with Instagram lately to make it a lot more prettier to look at haha. Hopefully some of you have noticed the change. I used to not really bother and post any old picture I liked in any order now I’m a but more fussy haha. I have a sort of theme going on that I quite like at the moment. I thought I’d share with you how I edit my photos for my current Instagram theme.

I mostly use my Olympus Pen EPL7 to take all of my Instagram photos. It’s also the camera that I use for all my blog photos too. I honestly rate it as one of the best cameras around I don’t even pick up my DSLR camera anymore… That’s how much I love it! It’s pretty much to me my bloggers holy grail haha. Alternatively if I’m travelling a further distance and don’t have my camera to hand I use my iPhone 7 which has an amazing camera for a phone. I’d say my photos are probably 90% Olympus Pen and 10% iPhone & on my Instagram.

I use three apps mainly which are VSCO, Facetune and Aviary. I always use VSCO on every photo that I take I pretty much swear by it for editing photos. It’s got the best filters going and I use it to work out which photos will work in my theme. I totally recommend you check it out if you haven’t… It will change your Instagram game dramatically! Facetune I use if I need any backgrounds whitening as it’s perfect for this. If you’re looking to have a clean white and fresh theme it may be worth checking out and purchasing the app. Aviary is just my handy app if I ever need to quickly change the brightness, contrast or sharpness of an image etc. It’s a super quick and easy to use app plus it’s totally free which is a bonus.

Editing Process

The two photos I’ve shown above I used the same editing process for. I only used the app VSCO for both of these. I usually turn the brightness down slightly to start with on my photos. I find with the filters I use that this makes them look the best. The filters I use on my photos for my current theme are P5 and B1. After I’ve used a filter I’ll up the contrast and clarity only slightly. I don’t tend to change the highlight or shadow of my photos. I always make sure to sharpen them as well which makes them look 100% better!

I really hope you enjoyed this little insight into my Instagram! I’d love to know what your best photo editing apps are in the comments. Also if you have instagram make sure you include a link in the comments below and I’ll follow you as well!

You can follow me HERE.

Thank you for reading,