DIY 5 Minute Wrapping Paper #19

This was very nearly a DIY fail post I’m not going to lie. However I persevered and this is what happened. Now if you’re the same as me you’ll be stressfully trying to wrap everyone’s presents only a few days before Christmas… I know right! Not only that you’ll be so disorganised that you’ll have no wrapping paper. If you are in this situation I’ll tell you what I did… I got myself on trusty Pinterest for some inspiration. I gave it a good go it didn’t quite turn out as amazing as the pictures but come on who really looks at the wrapping paper before they rip it open?!?! 

What you need:
– A roll of brown or white paper
– Acrylic or poster paint
– A black sharpie
– A piece of card

What you need to do first is cut the size of white or brown paper to the present that you have. For the first design the first things I did was roughly drew a Christmas tree out onto a piece of card. I used this as a template to stamp Christmas trees onto the wrapping paper. I painted the template and pressed it down for a few seconds.They didn’t really come out that well so I had to improvise and draw round them with a black sharpie. I also dotted around some gold paint around the trees to look like baubles. All in all if you and more time you could do it 1000% better than I did but you get the concept.

For the second design I again cut out the wrapping paper to size. I used a black sharpie to draw a random curly line for me to be able to paint some festive Christmas lights on. I marked out where all the lights would go with a sharpie. I literally used my fingertips to pain the lights… It was like being a toddler again haha. All in all this one actually didn’t turn out too bad again with more time you could do this 1000% better than me.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! I’d go as far to say I won’t be doing anymore DIY posts till way after Christmas again haha. If you decide to create your own wrapping paper please tag me int he picture on Twitter or Instagram I’d love to see!

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  1. So pretty pretty pretty! It's a shame I've already wrapped all my presents :/ Will keep it in mind though. Btw do you have bloglovin'? xx Solange (

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