Family At Christmas With Boohoo #22

Boohoo have been kind enough to gift my whole family and me with a Christmas jumper. We’ll definitely all be sporting these on Christmas day! It’s so important to spend Christmas with your family and love ones. Whether it be your mum or dad, siblings, friends, other half… Anyone who you love. What always intrigues me is other families Christmas traditions as I’m so used to my own.

I thought I’d give an idea of what a typical Christmas day is for my family. I spend Christmas with my Mum, Dad and my two brothers Max & Joe. When we wake up we always have a sack of presents. We always take them into my Mum & Dad’s room and open them on their bed in our PJ’s together. Then we go downstairs where the presents are always laid out on the floor to open. I’m definitely always the slowest haha! We spend most of Christmas relaxing and chilling. We’ll usually try out or build any new things that we have. I tend to help my Mum with Christmas dinner. We have Christmas dinner with my Grandma & Grandad as well. We always go to my Nan’s in the evening to spend time with one side of the family. I always love going it’s so nice to get to spend time with people I love more than anything.

I always say I honestly and really mean that I don’t care about the presents. As long as I’ve got all the people I love and care about around me then I can’t ask for anything more! 

I would love to know in the comments any family traditions that you have at Christmas or who you’re spending Christmas with this year. I really hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you to Boohoo for making this happen! If you want to visit Boohoo check the link below.


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