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The festival season is finally here! My favourite time of the year. I’m absolutely in love with everything to do with festivals. Apart from maybe the toilets you have to use haha. This year I thought I’d create a post of tips for first time festival goers or just people that love festivals as much as I do. I’ve made plenty of mistakes at festivals! Therefore sharing my advice and tips might stop you from making the same mistakes. So without further or do, here are my festival tips:

1) Don’t take items you know aren’t permitted! Save yourself the embarrassment from the start and don’t pack things you know you aren’t allowed on the site. All festivals vary on what they allow and don’t allow you take. So always double check before you go; there is usually information on their websites. There’s nothing more embarrassing than being stopped on the way in. Security will check your bags and will pull you over in front of the whole queue if you’ve got something you’re not allowed. This will then hold the whole queue up causing all the people behind you to give you evil glares. It’s just not worth it at all!

2) Don’t wear a playsuit or a jumpsuit, I know you’re probably thinking what?!?! Lots of fashion brands sell playsuits and jumpsuits in their festival collections. That would be correct but it’s really not a good idea to wear one. There is nothing worse than queuing half an hour to go to the toilet in a horrible portaloo; to then have to struggle pulling your playsuit or jumpsuit off. You really don’t want to be stood in a portaloo naked with your playsuit or jumpsuit more than likely dangling in something you don’t even want to think about. My advice would be wear something that can easily be taken off when you go to the loo.

3) Get organised! Don’t think you can leave packing until the day before or the morning you go. It’s not a good idea, more than likely you’ll get there and realise that you’ve forgotten all of the important things. Or you’ll try and go shopping the day before and realise that everything you need is sold out. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t guilty of this. Start packing a week to a few days before. This gives chance to get everything organised and make sure that you have everything that you need.

4) Food and drink, I know it can be a pain carrying food and drink around in your bag. Usually you haven’t got enough room… I know! But if you don’t want to spend most of your money and spend the whole festival queuing for it then I’d advise you to take your own. A small bottle of water and small snacks. Just don’t take food that will melt or go off quickly. For example don’t take chocolate as tempting as it might be to take it. It’s more than likely going to melt and leave a sticky mess in your bag. I usually take granola bars!

5) Don’t overheat for fashion, now if you’re in the UK its unlikely you’ll ever overheat. In the occasion that it is hot though don’t wear something you know you’re going to get to hot in. I know there’s sometimes an overwhelming desire to look good over practicality… but it’s really not worth it! You don’t want to be collapsing of heat exhaustion. Or the other way round if it’s cold make sure you’ve got something to wrap up warm in. Again you don’t want to end up with hypothermia!

6) The dreaded phone battery, there’s nothing worse than the low battery warning on your phone. I know you feel like your heart is literally dropping. Ways to conserve your battery are put your phone to airplane mode when you’re not using it. Also turn your screen brightness down but not so much that you can’t see obviously! If you just can’t resist snap chatting the whole festival then I’d advise getting a portable charger. I think the charging cases are usually better if you have an IPhone. Purely because you don’t need the charger wire which can get in the way.

7) You’re not cool for not using sun cream. I know so many people that say “Oh I just don’t bother with sun cream” or “I look silly putting sun cream on”. Well it’s not silly at all it’s actually pretty smart. Always put sun cream on if it’s sunny! There is so many misconceptions that you don’t tan if you put it on… You do and it’s a much safer way of doing it. You don’t want to get so badly burnt on the first day that you spend the second day barely being able to move looking like a lobster. That’s definitely not a good look!

8) Cameras! Although you want good photos to show to everyone don’t waste valuable space in your bag. Don’t go lugging around your big DSLR camera… worst mistake ever. It’ll just get in your way and annoy you the whole time. If you have a small digital camera fair enough. I wouldn’t advise taking an expensive camera though. You don’t want to be distraught if you get home and it’s lost with all those memories on it. Take a disposable camera with you. They’re not very expensive and don’t take up much room at all. The photos I’ve used are from my disposable camera last year. I know you’re probably thinking they’re not that good quality. That’s true but you only have one chance to take them. You’ve took a photo in that moment where you were having so much fun. I think it just makes them even more special personally.

9) Don’t argue over music! It’s more than likely you are going with your closest friends. All which probably have different music tastes. I know it can be difficult. I advise all sitting down together before anything starts and schedule who you are going to see at what time in the day. If you don’t you’ll more than likely spend so much time arguing you’ll miss both the acts you were arguing over anyway.

10) Pushing on the crowds is a huge NO. They may be your favourite artist and you may love them but really it’s no excuse to push. You can hear from wherever you are in the crowd. There is more than likely big screens as well to see them on the stage. Honestly people will hate you if you push them! It’s just super annoying especially if you’ve been in that spot for ages and someone who’s been there for two minutes pushes in front of you. Just don’t do it!

So these are my festival tips for this year! I hope these help you in some way if you’re attending one this year. These are just all the things I’ve learnt.

Let me know if you’re attending any festivals and which ones you’re going to. If you have any more tips then feel free to leave them in the comments!

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