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Hey everyone it’s Tilly here from Life As Tilly Rose, we could all do with some guidance to help make our summer the best one yet, so that is why I’ve put together some things that are an absolute necessity for the summer! From makeup to cameras, hopefully you’ll have an easy summer if you follow these steps, as these are things I’ve used without fail every summer!

This is something I use all year round just because I’m one of those weird, annoying people who can’t sleep without an eye mask and wait for it… ear plugs! Don’t ask how, I used to live next to noisy students when I was younger and the eye mask not sure the story behind that one! So as it’s summer we have lighter evenings and the sun rises much earlier, which is nice but when you get woken up at 5:00 am it’s not nice. That is why I suggest to wear one these before you go to bed so hopefully the light doesn’t stop you sleeping in! Trust me you get used to them, they are heaven but you have to fond the right one – I’ve chucked out so many scratchy ones!

I’m sure everyone’s summer is packed full of fun stuff and memories with friends and families, so why not capture those moments with a camera! This little Nikon Coolpix is my holiday camera, it’s not the best but it does the job I’ve got so many lovely holiday pictures that I love to look back on or print out. Also just snapping the moments on your phone is great as there are lots of apps out there that allow you to print photos straight from your phone. My favourite is Lalalab you can get £5 off with my code: PG78SQFF, it’s so cute you can print little Polaroids (see pic above), which is what I did because unfortunately I don’t have a Polaroid camera 🙁 check out my review on the app.

SPF is sooo important and I hope we all know that, it will be very handy this summer in England seeing as the weather is so lush at the moment. With previous experiences I can’t use ordinary sun cream on my face as it stings like crazy so I have to use cream specifically for the face, my favourite is No7’s Advanced Facial Sun because it has anti ageing properties in it (not that I need it) and honestly it leaves your skin so smooth! Then for my form of coverage I love the Forever Living aloe bb creme, it has an SPF of 20 which is great and I feel confident if I’m out in the sun as I know my face is protected. Making sure your lips are protected is just as important because people always forget about this and end up burning them (me in the past!), that is why I always make sure whatever I am wearing on my lips consists of an SPF in it.

Unless you want to get heatstroke and pass out this summer drinking water is key! I always find this easier when I have a nice bottle or sippy cup, this one is a cute milk bottle from Tiger Stored I love it, other places to get these from at the moment are New Look, Primark and online. I try to drink at least three of these a day, but most of the time more is accomplished for me as I tend to drink lots of water. So just remember to keep on drinking!

Everyone needs a good pair of sunnys to get them through the summer. I’m loving the 1930s Rayban Gatsby style sunglasses at the moment, I think they look really cool. Personally I’m a tortoise shell/leopard print (whatever you want to call it) fan and prefer that colour. My sunglasses are from Coconut Lane a trendy, chic online store, for 20% off use the code: tillrose20 I adore this company!

It’s all about the summer glow so that is why I included this gorgeous golden highlighter from makeup revolution, it’s so good. Most of the time when I wear my makeup in the summer I always make sure I powder to reduce the horrendous shine, therefore I like to put a but of glow back into my skin with a highlighter.

When boredom strikes I like to pick up an interesting book or magazine and start reading it, I prefer magazines because I’m not a great book lover and I tend to get bored half way through it in fact I don’t think I’ve ever finished a book, how embarrassing! So that is why I love gossips commercial magazines. Also why not listen to some music whilst reading or just at the poolside whilst your baking your skin away (hopefully with your SPF on!). No summer is a summer without relaxing, reading magazines and listening to music.

Shoes that will keep you looking trendy but also cool at the same time are very important for the summer. There’s nothing worse than walking around with sweaty hot feet, that’s why I suggest Birkenstock style as they are so comfy and keep your feet moderately cool. I’m loving this style at the moment, Office have similar items in the sale at under/around £20 as well as ASOS I know do many types of Birks’.

That’s all for my summer essentials, if you enjoyed reading this then please check out my blog ‘Life As Tilly Rose‘ where you can find delicious smoothie recipes, seasonal fashion trends, beauty reviews and many more!

Tilly Rose x

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