How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Hello Darlings! There’s nothing more that I love than taking photographs. I’ve constantly got a camera of some form attached to my hand. I love being able to take photos and to look back at all the memories; it’s part of the reason I love Instagram. I’m quite a creative person anyway and I find Instagram is a way for me to express myself through my own photography.

I have been trying a little harder with Instagram lately to make it a lot more prettier to look at haha. Hopefully some of you have noticed the change. I used to not really bother and post any old picture I liked in any order now I’m a but more fussy haha. I have a sort of theme going on that I quite like at the moment. I thought I’d share with you how I edit my photos for my current Instagram theme.

I mostly use my Olympus Pen EPL7 to take all of my Instagram photos. It’s also the camera that I use for all my blog photos too. I honestly rate it as one of the best cameras around I don’t even pick up my DSLR camera anymore… That’s how much I love it! It’s pretty much to me my bloggers holy grail haha. Alternatively if I’m travelling a further distance and don’t have my camera to hand I use my iPhone 7 which has an amazing camera for a phone. I’d say my photos are probably 90% Olympus Pen and 10% iPhone & on my Instagram.

I use three apps mainly which are VSCO, Facetune and Aviary. I always use VSCO on every photo that I take I pretty much swear by it for editing photos. It’s got the best filters going and I use it to work out which photos will work in my theme. I totally recommend you check it out if you haven’t… It will change your Instagram game dramatically! Facetune I use if I need any backgrounds whitening as it’s perfect for this. If you’re looking to have a clean white and fresh theme it may be worth checking out and purchasing the app. Aviary is just my handy app if I ever need to quickly change the brightness, contrast or sharpness of an image etc. It’s a super quick and easy to use app plus it’s totally free which is a bonus.

Editing Process

The two photos I’ve shown above I used the same editing process for. I only used the app VSCO for both of these. I usually turn the brightness down slightly to start with on my photos. I find with the filters I use that this makes them look the best. The filters I use on my photos for my current theme are P5 and B1. After I’ve used a filter I’ll up the contrast and clarity only slightly. I don’t tend to change the highlight or shadow of my photos. I always make sure to sharpen them as well which makes them look 100% better!

I really hope you enjoyed this little insight into my Instagram! I’d love to know what your best photo editing apps are in the comments. Also if you have instagram make sure you include a link in the comments below and I’ll follow you as well!

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