I’m Not Sure What Love Is

I really wasn’t sure about posting this post. I guess it was just quite a personal thing to me really. More and more I see people’s varying views on love and their own relationships. I suppose their idea of love comes from their experiences. It comes from mine too.

I’m just not sure I know what love is yet. So I thought I’d share my experiences and ideas of what love is to me.

Love is not seeing that person for so long that you feel like you can’t breathe properly. It’s that feeling when you see them after a long time and all you want to do if hug them and never let go.

Love is about sharing every single emotion you feel with that person. Whether it be crying over their shoulder or laughing for so long you can’t even remember what it was about.

Love is about loving and appreciating that person no matter what. It doesn’t matter if they’re wearing a one million pound suit/dress or just old pyjamas with holes.

Love is loving them for who they are not matter what. It’s like they are the only person that you feel so comfortable around. The one person that knows you inside and out.

Love is about patience no matter how annoying the other person gets. It’s sticking by their side through everything. Even if it means late night/early morning phone calls.

Love is about them being your first and last thought of the day.

Love is about dancing in your underwear around the kitchen. In that moment you honestly don’t care about anything else but each other.

Love is about supporting them through everything because you know no matter what it will always be worth it in the end.

Love is about promises; never forgetting them because they mean so much to you.

Love is about the trust you have for the other person. It’s about being able to tell them absolutely anything knowing it’ll be kept safe forever.

Love is about the secret language that you have that no one else knows about. Being able to communicate just with your body movements. Being able to tell what they’re thinking and feeling just through eye contact.

Love is about a whole lot of adventure. Random road trips in the middle of the night with no clue where you’ll end up. It’s the feeling of freedom and not wanting to be anywhere else but with that person.

Love is about those secret glances across the room. When you catch the others eyes and you can just enjoy the special moment without anyone else knowing.

Love surprisingly is also about the arguments you share. Arguments that only happen because you care and always want the best for the other person.

Love is about the laughs and the jokes that you have with each other. There’s nothing better than seeing the other person so happy in the moment.

So this is some of my ideas of what love is to me. I have no idea if I know what it is yet. I’d love to know your ideas on what you believe that love is to you. It would be really interesting to get other people’s perspective of love.

I hope you enjoyed reading this more personal post,
Thank you,

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Sure What Love Is

  1. I loved this post! You literally have the same ideas about love that I do and it's nice to see that someone shares the same values! It's a shame that the people that we may be interested in don't have the same feelings!ohitssare.blogspot.com

  2. I loved this post I found myself nodding along through the majority of it! Ella xxwww.inellaselement.co.uk

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