It’s Vintage Colour Pop Review

So I recently did a rather large Colour Pop order. I always take advantage when they do free international shipping and I very much went to town this month haha. I’ve actually ordered so much I’m going to split it into sound 3/4 posts! I hope you don’t mind. I purchased Colour Pop’s It’s Vintage mini size kit. It consists of 5 mini matte liquid lipsticks. I paid $18 which works out to around £14 for the mini kit. One thing I’d consider before forking out $18 dollars for it is that the lipsticks are tiny! I mean really tiny I was kind of shocked because they look a lot bigger on the website. So I’d definitely consider that before purchasing. However, a pro to them being to small is that they’re really good for carrying in your purse/handbag. I’ve tried each colour to give you an idea of what all the lipsticks colours are like and what I thought about them. I apologise beforehand for the terrible lighting in my photos! I’ve only had time to shoot in the evenings meaning I’ve had no natural light at all, so sorry!

This is a perfect everyday colour for me! It’s a pink/mauve colour which I don’t own any other like it. I was slightly worried because my skin is quite pale I wasn’t sure it was going to work but I was actually pleasantly surprised. I really loved it!  I wore this out the other day I did find that it started to fade halfway through the day however. Also I don’t know if I got a bad one of this colour but it really dried my lips and it started to crack! A Colour Pop lipstick has never done this to my lips before so I was slightly confused… Let me know if this has happened to you and if it’s maybe just a bad batch? 

I already owned a full size version of Tulle and I really like it. If I’m going out for the day but not anywhere fancy then this is my throw on colour. It’s more of a burgundy/mauve colour. It applies really easily and I don’t find myself needed to top this colour up throughout the day. I’d advise to maybe apply around 2 coats not the lips however. 

This is hands down my favourite colour from the whole kit. I absolutely love all dark red/violet colours I always find myself reaching for them more. This one went on my lips really nicely! I was super impressed I only needed to do one coat as well. I was worried it was going to be patchy but it wasn’t at all. One thing I would say is definitely use a lip liner beforehand I didn’t and it definitely would be a lot easier to apply considering how dark it is. 

Love Bug
When I first spotted Love Bug in the packed I was very dubious… I mean it was basically brown. I’ve never ever considered trying this sort of colour before. I was pretty certain I was going to hate it but I though ‘hey ho lets give it a go’ haha. I was sort of surprised that it actually didn’t look as bad as I thought it would. I mean there is nothing wrong with the application etc. of this lipstick! I’m just still unsure on the colour… I’m not sure I quite pull it off but let me know what you think?

Ok so it’s time to be really honest about this colour and that is that I don’t like it. It’s way to dark and not like the website described it as a ‘blackened red’… On my lips it just looks dark brown. As you’ve probably already noticed in the photo it was super patchy! You can see it quite badly. I re-applied the colour about three times and there was just a patch it wouldn’t stick to. I personally wouldn’t recommend getting this one if you were thinking about purchasing it separately but this is just my honest opinion.

Overall I wouldn’t purchase this again however I wouldn’t discourage you form purchasing it! I still stick with the fact that I love Colour Pop Matte lipsticks they are my favourite. I was happy with most of the colours in this set apart from the one. As I said before although being slightly disappointed about the size they are perfect to carry with you! I think this would make the perfect Christmas gift for any make-up lover however.

If you’d like to purchase or check the product out clink the link here

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to do some more beauty review posts. Also if you have any Colour Pop lip colour recommendations let me know for my next order haha.

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