Joe & Caspar Hit The Road USA Tour Review

So I was lucky enough to bag myself a VIP ticket to see Joe & Caspar on their Hit The Road Tour USA. I was super excited to find out that they were coming to Wolverhampton at the Civic Hall which was pretty close to me and not to hard to get to. 

After what felt like so long waiting the event day finally came. I went straight from work to the train station desperately trying to get to the venue on time for the meet and greet. I’m not going to lie it was a stressful journey, the train was delayed and beyond getting to the train station I had no idea where the Civic Hall was and only 5 minutes to get there. I managed to get a taxi there only to then to not be able to find the entrance. Luckily one of the security guards was kind enough to help me find the right entrance even though he wasn’t that helpful reminding me “Aren’t you a bit late?”… As if I didn’t already know haha. Luckily I wasn’t the last to arrive.

I joined the end of the queue for the meet and greet feeling incredibly nervous after my journey. It was the first chance I got to think after the busy trip. Being by myself as well I didn’t have a friend to calm me down and give me a hug haha. Luckily I got talking to two lovely girls in front of me. I always find it so great at events like this that everyone is willing to get to know you. Especially as I go a lot of places on my own I’m always grateful to make friends.

The meet and greet itself went by pretty quickly as they always do. However I was super happy that this time there would be a professional photographer. There’s nothing worse than coming away from a meet and greet with a shaky selfie haha. I was lucky that my photo was actually really lovely and I had both my eyes open. I’m always nervous I’ll get caught mid-blinking! Joe and Caspar were lovely as they always are every time I meet them. They such huge inspirations to me and I’m not going to lie I still get nervous meeting them even now haha. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t got a crush on Joe though… I mean he’s pretty gorgeous. He said that he loved my glasses and I practically nearly melted to the floor. In all seriousness though the meet and greet was totally stress free once I was there and totally worth it.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the show itself to be honest. I’d stopped myself from looking at any other tweets or videos from the other shows so it’d be a complete surprise for me. As I had gone on my own I was sat surrounded by people I didn’t know at all. I was super nervous at this point waiting for the show. Sometimes open spaces are the worst for me! I’d already had a couple of drinks and if you know me I haven’t drank alcohol in over a year. For some reason I thought getting more drinks would calm my nerves… It really didn’t. Five minutes before the show I started to feel a bit dizzy and I was desperate to go to the toilet haha. I really didn’t want to get up in front of everyone. The lights went out and I panicked and got up so quickly to leave I knocked the girl next to me’s drink over *CRINGE*. I still have a huge bruise on my leg from where I walked into a chair not he way our also… I’m a disaster sometimes. 

After all that I finally sat down and started to enjoy myself as we got into the show. Joe and Caspar are so funny! I have some very interesting videos especially of Caspar dancing which I can’t help but smile at every time I watch it. The live ice bath challenge was hilarious and I’d be lying if I wasn’t loving that they were both topless haha.  Seriously though it was truly entertaining all the challenges and activities they did. I always find I’m the oldest at these kind of shows so I’m never sure what I’ll think but honesty I loved it! Watching the parents around me I think they did too. I can’t wait to watch ‘Hit The Road USA’.

A HUGE congratulations to both Joe and Caspar! It’s crazy from watching their videos years ago that it’s come to this; I couldn’t be more proud. Without them I know I wouldn’t have the courage to be able to do what I’m doing now. They’ve been a huge inspiration to me, so thank you Joe and Caspar.

I really hope you enjoyed this post!
Make sure that you go and pre-order ‘Hit The Road USA’ which is released on 21st November. I know I for one cannot wait.

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