I’m so very excited to finally announce the #JustBeingMeCampaign. I’ve always strongly stood that your should be able to be who you are. You shouldn’t let anyone tell you who you can and can’t be. I fully believe in celebrating who we are as a person and being 100% proud of ourselves for just being us. 

#JustBeingMeCampaign is basically as it sounds. It’s about celebrating you… just being you. It’s so simple yet not done enough. I see so many people feel so down and have such low self-esteem that I want to encourage everyone to find something positive that makes you… well you and celebrate it.

I want as many people as we possibly can to get involved. This is so very important to me. I always found it difficult to accept myself for who I was. I hated the way I looked, the way I laughed even the way I walked or smiled. I managed to pick myself up and embrace every little thing about me good and bad. Now I love who I am and I’m proud of myself. I want everyone to embrace the feeling of loving themselves too!

I want you all to get involved… I want as many people as we possibly can to get involved! I’m going to be dedicating a whole new page on my blog to the #JustBeingMeCampaign

It’ll be a whole new illustrated publication that will be able to be viewed on my blog. An example of the sort of feel for the whole thing will have is above. As you can see I’m standing up and embracing my weird personality! All the graphics and illustrations will be done by me also. I’m putting 110% effort into this it’s going to be whole lot of work but it’ll be totally worth it in the end.

What you need to do to get involved with #JustBeingMeCampaign:
– All you need to do is choose ONE WORD that describes yourself that you want to embrace. For example, weird, funny etc. 
– Then a short paragraph describing WHY YOU LOVE THAT ABOUT YOURSELF! It only needs to be a couple of sentences long or if you want to write something longer then feel free!
– Find ONE IMAGE of yourself that when you look at it you feel absolutely fabulous.

Then EMAIL all the information over to me at: alicewashbrooke07@gmail.com. Please include Name, Age (if you want) and Blog URL (if you have one) in the email!

I want you to get involved and sread the word to all your friends, family… Anyone you can think! Let’s celebrate us because we all deserve it! Make sure to share this link and tweet along with the campaign on twitter using the #JustBeingMeCampaign hashtag.

I can’t wait to here what you all think! If you have any queries; please email me at the above email or tweet me on twitter. I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions!

*Entries will be taken up until 1st August 2017

Thank you for reading,

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  1. Absolutely everything I stand for and what I want to promote!! Incredible idea, how could I not participate 😀 I'm so excited to join, just made a side note so I don't forget to submit the info before Feb 1 2017!!

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