Life Goals 2016

I know we’re all ready way over the new year etc. But I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what I really want to achieve in life. I decided that I would make list of goals in 2016. They’re not necessarily goals I want to complete this year because if you carry on reading some of these goals are way too out of reach to accomplish this year. I think it’s good to have something to look back on like this post. It might motivate me when I have one of those days when I really just don’t want to do anything! I’m determined to reach these goals at some point in my life even if its in 10 years.

Write a book, this is something I’ve wanted to since I was really young. I’m not even just saying that I have some horrifically, embarrassing and funny stories I wrote as a child. Maybe one day I’ll share them if you want me to? I’ve already got all the characters planned. I’m a little unsure on the storyline yet I keep changing it as I go along. I have a rough first chapter written though. Maybe this year I’d like to get a publisher on board. I really could do with someone to help me!

Keep on growing my blog, seems simple but it definitely is a life goal. I’m absolutely in love with everything to do with blogging. I’d love as the months and years go on to  really grow my blog. To keep progressing and creating more original and exciting content. I’d also love to do some events for my readers etc. maybe if enough people are interested in a few months. I just want to say I truly appreciate every piece of feedback and every comment I get.

Audition for the National Youth Theatre, I’m determined to go and audition next time they are auditioning. I completely buckled and pulled out this year. In case you didn’t know I’d love to be an actress. I really think this would be a good starting point for me. I need to make sure I’m doing everything I can to help this dream come true. So I’m going to put myself out of my comfort zone and audition. No doubt when I get there I’ll wonder what I fussed about. I love acting and even if I don’t get in it will be a really good experience!

Get more organised, if you know me you’ll know organisation with my own life is really not my strongest point. I’m perfectly happy being organised at work and with other peoples lives. However when it gets to my own… I need to make sure I keep a diary/planner from now on. I always lose things, forget things and it’s really bad. So hopefully I’ll be able to get more organised! If you have any tips please let me know… I’m more than likely going to need them haha.

Pass my driving test, this is something I really need to do. I’ve been putting it off for months and months bit honestly the thought of driving absolutely terrifies me. Actually maybe it’s not the thought of driving it’s the thought of crashing. I’m really trying to get over this irrational fear that I’ve developed. I went driving for the first time last week. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought and I wasn’t too horrific. Hopefully a little more practice and I might find the courage to take some lessons.

Learn about coding, ok so I seriously need someone who knows what they’re talking about to help me! I really don’t understand coding at all. I’d love to be able to build my own layout in the future. It will probably be way in the future by the time I understand and I’ve learnt how to do it. If you have any blog posts that can help me learn then please leave them in the comments below!

Get back to dance classes, this one I know I’m going to do this year! I’m currently looking for classes in London that I’ll be able to attend. I’ve been dancing for 13 years so basically since I was 5. I had to stop not too long ago because of a back injury. Unfortunately it does reoccur but I’m trying to get on top of it. Apparently my spine bends further and it locks together or something like that haha. I clearly never paid much attention at any of my appointments I went to oops. Hopefully it will maybe hold out from now it’s not bothered me in a few months. I can’t give up dancing despite what people say. So I’m just going to keep trying and see if I can hit this goal this year.

So I hope you enjoyed this post! I guess it’s just an insight into what I’m hoping to achieve. Also this post is to keep me motivated. So if you struggle to find motivation sometimes definitely try something like this! (So if any of you see me complaining about not being motivated just link me this post haha).

Leave me comments and let me know any goals in your life that you have for this year or the future!

Thank you for reading,

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  1. These are such great goals to have! Many I share! I would love to write a book one day and learn coding but for now I am just focusing on growing my blog xx Thrifty vintage fashion

  2. Writing a book! Wow that's incredible. Passing your driving test will be the best thing you can do – gives so much independence

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