Places I’m Most Excited To Visit In Europe

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So I made a quick decision to travel Europe next year! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I thought why wait any longer. I can’t be the only one that’s just bored of their life… I need to go do something fun and exciting. I feel the need to travel and culture myself a lot more as I’ve never really had the chance to. Therefore I’m currently trying to save all the money I can to take with me. I thought I’d share some of the places I’m most excited to visit.

Monaco, I’m so excited to go to the French Riviera and Monaco looks absolutely gorgeous. I’ve never actually been to France which is crazy considering how close it is so I can’t wait to explore a lot of it. 

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Mykonos, The amount of Instagram posts I’ve seen of people’s holidays to Mykonos used to make me so jealous. Now I’m going though it just makes me even more excited. I literally have a whole pinterest board dedicated to it. I can’t wait to get my camera there haha.

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Budapest, I never really thought about visiting Hungary. I guess it just wasn’t a country that ever really crossed my mind. While planning my trip Budapest was on the agenda. I thought I’d do a bit of googling and I kind of fell in love. I can just imagine walking round at night with all the gorgeous lights on.

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Amsterdam, I’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam! So many of my friends of been and they’ve had such amazing time there. I’m not going to lie ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ kind of made me want to visit to. When I was watching it although I was balling my eyes out I just thought how amazing it would be to visit there.

I’m beyond excited about my Europe trip even though I’m slightly nervous about being that far away from home for so long. To be honest though I think I’ll be having so much fun it’ll go way too quickly though!

Let me know where you’ve visited in Europe and where the best places to go are… I’d love to know!

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  1. This sounds like such an awesome adventure!! I really want to do the same. Can't wait to see all your wonderful pictures. How long are you going for?Laila

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