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I attended the Birmingham UK date to see 5 Seconds Of Summer. This is their second tour called ‘Sounds Live Feels Live’. I’ve seen 5SOS around 6 times before this show. I saw them 5 times when they supported One Direction on their tours. The 6th time was on 5SOS’s last tour ‘Rock Out With Your Socks’ at the Birmingham date. I had a pretty good seat for this tour which was at the Genting arena formerly known as the LG arena. It was in block 16 which is just to the left of the stage. It was really close and you had a really good view! The photos make it look a lot further away than it was.

Overall the staging was really thought out and well planned. The big screens were great! I very much enjoyed the camera on Ashton as you can’t always see him very well behind the drum kit. Also there was a little catwalk that the boys could walk down. I’m pretty sure one girl right against the barrier nearly passed out when Luke was only around two metres from her. To be honest, I would probably be the same! There was also two raised parts of the stage to the left and the right. This was great for me as it was right in front of the block that I was in. Therefore I got a really good view. I secretly think Michael favoured our side!

The set list for the show was:
– Carry On
– Hey Everybody
– Money
– Disconnected
– Don’t Stop
– Heartache On The Big Screen
– Outer Space
– Waste The Night
– Castaway
– Jet Black Heart
– Amnesia
– Beside You
– Vapour
– Catch Fire
– End Up Here
– Voodoo Doll
– Good Girls
– Permanent Vacation
– What I Like About You
– She’s Kinda Hot
– She Looks So Perfect

I really enjoyed the concert overall! The band are incredible live and I would definitely recommend going to see them if you’re thinking about it. My favourite song to hear live was ‘Outer Space’. The atmosphere was amazing and the lyrics in that song mean a lot to me. Everyone had their torch lights on and the arena looked beautiful. Other songs which I particularly enjoyed were ‘Waste The Night’ and ‘Good Girls’. ‘Hey Everybody’ was probably me least favourite song. Although it’s my least favourite 5SOS song so that’s probably why. The only thing I was really sad about was that ‘Safety Pin’ from the ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ album was not included; as it’s one of my favourites! They should definitely think about adding it to their set list and performing it live. 

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Let me know of you’ve seen 5SOS live and what you thought or if you want to to check out 5SOS more the link to there website is here:

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