The Perfect Festive Hot Chocolate #15

I can’t get through the cold months without a hot chocolate! Especially around the festive season. I’m not really a tea or coffee drinker so hot chocolate is perfect for me. It takes all of a couple of minutes to make and it looks like you’ve spent ages doing it! If you’re having friends round for a movie night this is perfect. It looks like you’ve made tonnes of effort but really it hasn’t taken much at all. Alternatively I also think these would be perfect to make the family on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day.

The products that I used for this hot chocolate:
– 1 Mug Full of Semi-Skimmed Milk
– Tesco’s Christmas Sprinkles 
– Tesco’s Golden Confetti 
– Frozen Dazzling Sprinkles
– Aero Instant Chocolate Drink
– Real Dairy Spray Cream

These are all the products that I used to make a simple and quick festive hot chocolate. Obviously you don’t have to use the exact products I used. These were just the ones that I had to hand in my kitchen. If you have more time than I did you could actually make the hot chocolate yourself without using a powder. Honestly I think you come out with relatively the same results though. I found the decorating takes the most time and quite frankly is the bit I enjoy the most haha.

If you make a festive hot chocolate anytime soon make sure to send me a picture! Tag me on instagram at @alice_tilly or tweet me it on twitter @_alicetilly.

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(P.S. sorry Day 14 of Blogmas is late!)

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  1. This looks incredible! I've been really craving a hot chocolate, so I think I may have to finally have one tonight! :)Lizzie

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