Tips On Surviving GCSE’s & A Levels

Hello darlings,
So exam season is coming up or has already started for some. I remember taking both my GCSE’s & A Level’s and the whole lot of stress it came with. This post has given me chance to look back and reflect on my whole experience and think about maybe what I could’ve done differently.

I thought I’d share with you some tips and advice that I definitely needed but didn’t necessarily have or take notice too that could’ve made my experience a whole lot easier. So if you’re one of my younger readers and you’re studying for your GCSE’s and A Level’s this post is for you!

Start revision early on
I can’t stress this point enough… I learnt the hard way! As soon as you’ve learnt something new go over it when you get home. Don’t get to the month before exams and start revising everything you’ve been learning over the last two years… Because realistically that’s pretty much impossible! Always keep up to date with your revision from the word go.

Alway ask questions
If you don’t understand something or want to know more don’t be afraid… Always ask questions. No matter how stupid or silly you think the question is always ask. Trust me teachers have heard plenty of odd questions over the years. It’s better to ask and know than to not. If you don’t understand something talk to a teacher or a friend that could help.

Get enough sleep and don’t overdo it
Although you’ll have a lot of revision to do don’t overdo it and cram too much in, in one day. Don’t be revising at crazy times of the night/morning. You need enough sleep so that your brain can function properly! 

Make timetables & lists
It’s always best to be organised and know what you need to do. Make a revision timetable so you know what you know what you’re going to revise on each day. Make to-do lots so you never forget the important things you need to do that day. This way you’ll have structure and you won’t get stressed over what you need to do or think you’ve forgotten.

Find a balance between school and social life
Ok so you do need to revise and do school work but don’t fall off the face of the earth. You still need a social life you just have to find that healthy balance. You’re friends will be going through the same so talk to them and plan something together. Make sure you take a break and enjoy yourself every once in a while.

Use free periods wisely
If you have free periods of study periods please use them wisely. Don’t use them as an excuse to mess around and not do anything! This is valuable time that you could be using to work.

Try and maintain a healthy diet
I bet you’re thinking what on earth has maintaining a healthy diet got to do with surviving GCSE’s and A Level’s but trust me it does. Cut all the unhealthy junk food out and I promise you’ll feel 100% better. It makes such a positive affect and I find I felt more motivated to revise etc. after adapting a healthier lifestyle.

Don’t have unreal expectations of yourself 
I know this one is hard because being honest we all have expectations of ourselves. Just try not to let them overtake everything. These expectations although are natural can pile the pressure and stress on yourself. Although you will know what grade you want to get at the end of the year don’t let it hang over you. Remember that you’ll progress so much over the years!

I really hope you enjoyed this post! I really hope this will help some of you that are currently studying. I wish you all the best of luck in the world and I’m sure you will all do amazing. As long as you try your best nobody can ask anything more of you. 

If you have anymore advice feel free to leave it in the comments to help someone else!

The subjects I chose for GCSE’s, German, Art, History and Graphics. My A Level subjects I chose were Health & Social Care, Art, History and Graphics. If you’re taking any of these subjects and would like more advice on any of them feel free to tweet me on Twitter and I’ll try to help you!

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