World Mental Health Day & Life Update

So this is a a completely unscheduled post and I’ve no idea where it’s going quite frankly. So it’s World Mental Health Day today. A day that means a lot to and so many other people. Today is a day to share our stories and hopefully they’ll help others. 

Please if you are suffering don’t suffer alone and in silence. Get help from whoever and wherever you can. From someone you trust, family, a friend, a teacher, a guidance counsellor… Anyone. I can’t begin to tell you the relief when you let someone in.

I promise even if you’re feeling the lowest of the lows and helpless… That it will get better! Trust me I know… I let people push into to thinking I was better off dead and not on this planet. I didn’t let it beat me though. Now I’m so much stronger and I’m winning.

I’m winning against my mental health.

You can too, I promise. 

If you need someone to talk to or even just to hold you hand then I’m here for you.

We can do this.

One of my favourite TV characters once said “Depression is a bastard, isn’t it? But it’s a treatable bastard and you’re going to get though it.” I think this applies to any mental illness… You can get through it.

We do have to remember that mental health effects people everyday not just for this one day a year. Make sure you keep talking even after today let’s not go about this the quiet way!

As for me at the moment my head feels a bit of a mess of jumbled thoughts. I for some reason can’t seem to get it together at the moment. Nothing feels right. Especially with blogging I sit here and I get so frustrated because I can’t seem to get anything decent written… there’s been a lot of tears. I feel so unmotivated and down about it. I have no clue how to fix this… How to get back that enjoyment I’ve always felt. 

Plus I’ve been working hard on my university application and actually studying for once in my life. I’ve decided to apply to be a nurse I haven’t quite decided whether to specialise in mental health or adult nursing. However as the days go on I’m swaying more to mental health.

So here was the little me update… I’ve basically no idea where this going.


2 thoughts on “World Mental Health Day & Life Update

  1. Great post lovely and such a very important topic. I feel even today, it's a taboo subject yet I feel having 'World Days' help raise awareness. A lady at my last workplace lost her husband due to depression. I didn't know him personally but it did hit me, it needs to be talked about more. I did suggest maybe we have a mental health charity to donate to? Unfortunately, no one was on board. However, I am grateful to find many blogs including your own that isn't ashamed to talk about such a vital topic. I think any kind of nursing would be great, you'll be helping people and both are rewarding. LimaFashionicide | An Oasis of Colour, In a Sea of Nudes

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