Zoella Secret Scenta Mini Mist Set Review

So I recently purchased the ‘Zoella Secret Scenta Mini Mist Set’ from Superdrug. I’ve been eyeing it up ever since Zoe did her video on her new Christmas range. This was definitely something I really wanted because I’m actually obsessed with the body mists. I own a bottle of all of the previous body mists already but needed to get my hands on the new Christmas mist. I decided to get this mini set because I thought they’d be so much more practical to carry around with me on a daily basis in my bag. 

I’m absolutely in the love with the packaging and the bottles. Is it weird to say I love the lids? I just love the metallic look if you know what I mean. Appearance-wise I think the classic ‘Blissful Mistful’ is my favourite.

Going into the actual product these aren’t perfumes therefore they don’t last all day long. If you want the scent on you all day then you will have to top up a couple of times throughout the day. This personally doesn’t bother at all! Plus I tend to reach for body mists over perfumes as I think sometimes perfumes are quite overpowering. I hope it’s not only me that gets headaches from perfumes too? 

Starting with ‘Blissful Mistful’ which was the first body mist to be released. It’s a real lovely and fresh floral smell which I really really like. It’s not too overpoweringly strong. This is one of the scents I wear on a daily basis. I think it’s one I’d more reach for in the spring/summer rather than autumn/winter however.

‘Lets Spritz’ is more of a fruity fragrance with tones of raspberry and cassis.  This was the one I honestly thought I wouldn’t like. I’m really not fussed on the fruity smells and especially raspberry. Purely because if you didn’t know I absolutely hate raspberry and they actually make me sick. I have no idea why it’s just a smell and taste I’ve never been able to take to. I already own the big bottle of this mist; I was sceptical about buying it but thought I’d give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised that it really doesn’t smell all that much like raspberry’s to me. I actually do like the scent. It’s probably my least favourite but I have been using it from time to time. I think it would be a really lovely spring/summer fruity scent for any fruit lovers though! 

My absolute favourite is ‘Sweet Inspirations’. Hands down my go-to body mist and I literally wear it most days. I originally bought a big bottle when it came out and used about 3/4 in two weeks. Yes that is seriously how much I’ve been using it. If you love almond/vanilla scent then this is for you! I love scents like this and think they are perfect to wear all year round which I will be. I’d say if you wanted to try one of the four scents out then definitely go with this one. It smells so nice that I find myself spraying myself way too much on myself but who cares when you can smell like a macaroon, am I right? haha. 

Last but not least the latest body mist ‘Bake My Day’. Literally how cute is the name of this mist! Now this scent is basically Christmas and I’m not joking. It is like Christmas has been squeezed into a bottle and made into a scent. For any Christmas lover this is definitely the scent for you. To me it’s kind of a mix of gingerbread, vanilla and cinnamon. All three of those smells are my absolute favourites. I’m going to be wearing this constantly from now on until Christmas. I’m already in the Christmas spirit and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t had my Christmas spotify playlist on… Not long to go now!

This set cost £16 which works out £4 per each 15ml bottle of body mist. I think this is really affordable and would be a great gift for someone of any age. I love the Zoella Beauty collection. Everything is such good quality and to me is all priced affordably.

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  1. Bake My Day – what a name! I love it! I absolutely adore Christmas scents so this sounds absolutely perfect! I'm really impressed at how inexpensive these mists are too, £16 for the whole set is a great deal! I really need to check out more Zoella products, I feel like I'm missing out!Abbey ❤ http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

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